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Bulletproof Lifestyle

The Bulletproof lifestyle is a high fat, low carb diet that focuses on reducing the foods that harm you, and increasing the foods that nourish you, in order to biohack, or positively influence your health. The bulletproof lifestyle encourages us to source top quality quality real food, or to seek products tested to the highest quality levels. Living the bulletproof lifestyle will top up your vital reserve, fuel your brain,  stabilise blood sugar, help you lose weight and feel great.


We don't personally believe in diets or absolutes when it comes to nutrition and health, but we do believe that most people need to increase their dietary healthy fats, fiberous vegetables and quality proteins. Bulletproof products can help you get quality fats and proteins into your day, which help turn off your hunger and fuel your body for long periods.

Optimoz is an online shop for the cheapest source of Bulletproof products within Australia. Below is a video of how to make bulletproof style coffee, and a list of our favourite bulletproof products that we use daily. Click on the pictures to go to the Australian store.

How to make bulletproof coffee

Medium Chain Triglyeride Oils (MCT's)

Coconut oil is made of 4 different types of MCT strains. Brain Octane consists of only Caprylic acid (C8 MCT's) and is the readily metabolised strain of MCT from coconut oil making it up to 10x stronger. It's tasteless and we use this poured over salads of vegetables, in coffee, hot chocolate and home made chocolate.

Upgraded Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is by far the best we have ever had. This coffee is grown in organic farms, and quality tested every step of the process to reduce the mold mycotoxins that form from the typical coffee process. Since swapping to this coffee we have noticed how much better we feel, and going back to other coffees makes us feel noticeably sick.

Collagen Protein Bars

Words cannot express how addicted we are to these high fat, high protein DELICIOUS bars. Most snack bars are filled with filthy preservatives and thickeners. This one only has high quality ingredients, and is our go to snack between sessions, on hikes and whenever we feel like a 'treat'. It contains vanilla, grass fed collagen, cashew butter, brain octane , sea salt and stevia. Can we mention it is delicious once more??!

Collagen Powder

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is imperative for healthy skin, connective tissue, movement and health. Both of these collagen powders are from grass fed, pasture raised animals. Collagen is also a highly anti-inflammatory protein source, and is important for repair to damaged tissue. If you want great skin, mobility and strength, these are an easy addition to soups, drinks (coffee or hot chocolate), broth etc to bump up the protein and collagen content. It also makes drinks creamier and more filling.

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