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Fascial Fitness for Movement Efficiency, Health & Vitality

January 03, 2023

Fascia is the connective tissue fabric that holds us together, and spans through our whole body. Our fascia is an intricate, endless web that supports our organs and joints from head to toe. We have 9-10x more proprioceptors (sensors) in our connective tissue than we do in our muscles, thus illustrating how heavily involved the fascia is with our nervous system. In a living body fascia appears watery and runs in multiple directions, showing us how even at base level, the need for hydration and 3D movement is integral for healthy fascia.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to address both local, and global fascial restrictions in our clients. The brilliance of addressing the fascial system, is that positive change in one area, will influence the whole web like system. The smallest changes in movement efficiency can have widespread improvements to how someone moves and feels. Given the vastness of our fascial system, and how interconnected it is to our physical and emotional function, we know that we don’t have all the answers. We do know that there are several approaches we can take that will always create a positive change for our clients.

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Balanced Programming Inclusive of all Movement Styles

January 03, 2023

All of our programs are based on an integrative 4 Quadrant (4Q) program design method from the Institute of Motion. The 4Q details the 4 major types of movement, and the benefits of each style. With distinct benefits in each quadrant, you can really see the need for a program that addresses movement from each quadrant. Training just the one way is not enough to create a balanced and healthy body. Injuries occur most often in those who are missing variety in their training. Are you spending enough time in each quadrant?

We find that most people are who initially come to see us have only trained in the linear quadrants, and are missing unloaded, and loaded movement training. These 2 unique quadrants bring vastly increased strength, efficiency, health and wellness. READ MORE

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Metabolic Training & Heart Rate Intensity

January 03, 2023

When it comes to metabolic training, heart rate tracking is incredible powerful in helping you achieve more. Different heart rate patterns, and intensities have unique benefits making it clear that there is no one way to get results. Heart rate training can exist along two spectrums: high/low intensity, and steady state/intervals. Each quadrant has it's specific benefits which is why in our sessions we aim to give you some of each type of training. Training in only one quadrant is a key reason for a lack of results. For example too much steady state work (cardio) can break down muscle and connective tissue, and negatively influence hormones and metabolism if it isn't balanced with the other quadrants. When you incorporate more variety in your training, you build a more resilient body that can achieve better results all round. READ MORE

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Daily Readiness to Train for Accelerated Results

January 03, 2023

We use a daily readiness scale to track stress for clients on any given day, to determine how their workout that day should look. Daily readiness to train is very closely aligned with Heart Rate Variability HRV. The ability to approximate HRV on clients is infinitely helpful in helping them achieve greater benefits from their fitness program.


Your Daily Readiness score provides valuable insight into physical, mental/emotional and lifestyle stresses. There are no hard and fast rules for training intensity anymore and your best bet is to honour how you feel, and track your heart rate intensity and recovery, through workouts. Training too hard, will cause a lack of results and increase the stress and inflammation burden on your system. We find that clients get the best results when they honor stress levels and train accordingly. READ MORE

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Play & Games to Mitigate Stress & Enhance Enjoyment

January 03, 2023

We pride ourselves on running enjoyable classes that feature challenging games and fun drills that provide our clients with healthy opportunities to play, interact, learn and alleviate stress. Game based drills challenge us with subconscious, variable movements without us realising just how hard you are really working! Playing a game is great for all clients, but is particularly useful for clients who are highly stressed, in chronic pain, or suffering from mental illness. Play brings you into the moment, helps take your mind off stress, and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Playing during a workout helps us to remember effortless, fun movements we enjoyed as a kid which can help us to feel more in control of our life. It’s a means to let off steam, smile, release cortisol, socialise and interact with others (something many people are lacking). Bringing enjoyment back into training is crucial for long lasting health benefits and training adherence. When was the last time you smiled during a workout?

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As specialists in our trade we know what works best for our clients. Extensive practical experience and widespread study, has helped us to successfully integrate the best of our knowledge into a cohesive training philosophy, that’s based on the best systems, sciences and tools.



'I have been training regularly at the gym for many years and is a large part of my daily life. Since I started including regular training sessions at In2great, I have noticed substantial change in my strength, fitness and overall well-being. One of the key distinctions I draw between a regular gym and In2great is that it’s so far from what one would expect from a “standard” gym. It caters for all ages and levels of fitness, and regardless of your fitness goals, fitness levels or capacity, everyone gets a great workout.


Another one of the key distinctions that is a key driver for me is what I consider to be the “care factor”. Both Priscilla and Nathan are genuinely interested in how you are, how you are feeling each and every time you come in for a training session. They take the time to understand you on a personal level and also understand any physical or emotional barriers that may exist and are able to moderate your training session accordingly – irrespective if this is in a group training session.


In2great is so different from a standard gym and I find it very difficult to articulate just how many benefits you can get from training there. My all-over strength has increased substantially, so much so that many people starting asking me what I was doing differently in my life as they could see a change in me. The only thing that I had changed in my routine is that I had incorporated regular training at In2great. Another key benefit from my training at In2great has been my understanding of how the body works and by moving in a certain way, I have the benefit of not only improving my strength and fitness, but also incorporating exercises to assist with some long standing niggles I have from training in other areas. I have brought along many friends there to experience the difference and they have all loved it and shared the benefits that I often talk about.' - Rochelle

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