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You can't separate motion from E-motion

And doesn't this picture personify this?

It’s impossible to separate motion and Emotion. Emotions and feelings are expressed externally via subtle or big movements. We can read peoples facial expressions, body language or gestures to see how people are feeling. We do this all day everyday.

Our brains express an emotion as an electrical charge to send to the muscles. The muscles and nervous system express that emotion into a gesture, posture or facial expression.

Problems can arise when we do not express these emotions. Sometimes it’s not politically correct to have a burst of rage or sadness in public, and so we hold it in. When we fail to express our emotions, the brain gets stuck trying to send a message that falls on deaf ears.

When we have repeated emotions or traumatic events our systems begin to store tension patterns in the muscles and connective tissue. For example if we are walking around all day feeling sad and depressed, we might start to more permanently adopt this posture, and over time our body begins to get STUCK

The power of movement comes in and helps us release stored tension. The stored tension might be physical or mental, we have no way of knowing. But once we get the system moving whether it's going for a walk, doing a workout, playing a game with your kids, or getting a massage we allow the tissues to release stuck stress and more forward. After a workout we generally feel better emotionally, and less tense physically.

So when you find your self feeling flat, get moving! Movement has a powerful ability to help you move your mood! :)


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