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At In2great Wellness we are passionate about creating instant, positive and sustainable changes for you, to help you thrive in health AND fitness. We offer a variety of services to help you look and feel your best. Whether you are here for personal fitness or group training, structural bodywork, kids fitness, health coaching or functional medicine, we can help you make powerful changes to your long term health and well being. Our mission is to help you feel great, address health complaints, lose fat, get stronger, reduce pain, challenge your brain, and have fun while you sweat!


We have over 25 years of experience in wellness, health coaching and training people to be their best self. We believe in a holistic approach to training and health, and we aim to help you build a solid foundation of wellness, to accelerate your fitness goals. Whatever your journey is with us, we can give you personalised care and support, around movement, nutrition, recovery, stress management, lifestyle and more, to improve your quality of life and longevity.

We look forward to helping you thrive and in2great wellness for your future! 

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Need help with injuries & pain?

Try our De-Stress, De-fuzz session! This 30 minute customised PT session will help you to reduce stress, recover from injury, address niggling pains, and accelerate results. We'll focus on myofascial fitness drills like vibration therapy, targeted fascial release, breath work and low intensity nourishing movements, so that you can maximize range of motion, health and release stuck stress in your body. 


If your fascial system is glued up and stiff, then you are prone to disease, pain, brain and mood disorders, fat gain, inflammation and general lack of well being. 

You'll learn key areas where your body is holding stuck stress, and how you can continue to make a positive change after the session too!

$35 First Session


3 x 30 Minute PT sessions $99

Grab a bargain and get cracking with your fitness journey! Kickstart your training with our introductory deal of 3 x 30 minute personal training sessions for $99. 

We specialise in recognising subtleties in your movement and body, and helping you get the most from every exercise, every session. We will help empower you to be more in tune with your movement, and your body, so that you can experience enhanced wellness and faster results.

One on one personal training sessions focus on specific goals for your fitness level, and ensure that your time and energy are used as effectively as possible.

This great value deal will help you experience all that we have to offer.

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FREE 30 Minute PT Session!

Our sessions are different to the outdated ‘go hard or go home’ approach. We have studied extensively to adopt the latest systems, science, and tools, and are all about training smarter, not harder! 


We will empower you to be more in tune with your body, using Heart Rate Training, Myofascial Release, Whole Body Vibration, and intelligent, integrated movement, so that you can experience enhanced wellness, reduced pain, superior training enjoyment and most importantly, faster results!


Book your free session, by clicking teh link below, or contact Nathan on 0424 447 433. Offer only available until 14th April. 

Free First Session

"In2great truly is a special place. I love training at the studio as I know I am going to have fun as well as get a good workout. Not only that, Nathan and Priscilla know more about the body and how to train than anyone I have ever come across. Whether, you are fatigued mentally or physically, haven't had a good night sleep, have an injury, or dehydrated, they will tailor your workout within a group setting to work around your specific needs.... even if you don't know what they are when you walk in the studio! On top of their amazing knowledge, they are the nicest people and I love the sense of community they have built at In2great." - Krista

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