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In2great Wellness is a company created by husband and wife team Priscilla and Nathan Flynn.

As movement and wellness specialists we believe in a holistic approach to training that focuses extensively on training you as a complex human being. Conventional training models often target muscles or aesthetics only, and fail to take into account individual stress load and lifestyle factors. By addressing your unique body, and specific emotional, physical and lifestyle factors, we can give you personalised care and support, to accelerate results, and improve your wellness and quality of life. We encourage our clients to connect to feedback from their own body, and to honour how they are feeling on any given day. Our workouts are based on live heart rate feedback, so that we can directly track how effectively you are adapting to the stress of your workout.


We work with clients to help them move better for performance, fitness and general wellbeing. We are experts at getting ANYBODY moving, regardless of injury, age or fitness experience. We watch and improve the way our clients move with integrative strategies like fascial tissue release, full body intelligent movements, games and whole body vibration. We can help you regain function, boost performance, reduce pain or simply have greater vitality for life outside the gym.


Our workouts are fun, interactive, and challenging and always based on individual needs. We understand the importance of a healthy fascial system and use fully integrated, whole body movements to generate the best results. We use games and drills to increase enjoyment of your training, but more importantly to allow you healthy ways to mitigate stress, release endorphins and feel good! We use innovative training tools and cutting edge heart rate technology and whole body vibration.


Our studio environment is intimate, friendly, and engaging and we aim to empower, educate, and entertain you every workout. No two workouts are ever the same, and our clients leave us feeling uplifted and energized, with increased freedom of movement.

Our training methodologies revolve around these pillars of movement and health

As specialists in our trade we know what works best for our clients. Extensive practical experience and widespread study, has helped us to successfully integrate the best of our knowledge into a cohesive training philosophy, that’s based on latest and best systems, sciences and tools. Whether your goal is to reduce pain, challenge your brain, get stronger, lose weight or just have fun, we can transform your health and fitness, from good, in2great!

To read more about our philosophies click here.

Fascial fitness for optimal

movement efficiency,

health and vitality

Heart Rate Training and

stress tracking to ensure we

hit your sweet spot

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Integrated full body movement

to make you stronger, fitter

and more mobile

Play and Games to mitigate

stress, create interaction and

enhance enjoyment

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Interval training for a

supreme hormone response

to your training

Vibration training for

accelerated recovery, mobility,

strength & wellness

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Fascial Release / Massage

Body Brain Fitness

Strength and Conditioning

Pre and Post Natal Care

Flexibility / Mobility

Pain Management Programs

Integrative Medicine

Hormone & Gut Health

'The best thing about the semi-private PT sessions is that you get a personalised session but have one or two others to share the fun with! With such a small group, Nath or P are always on hand to help you get out that last rep, correct your technique and hold you accountable to your results. You also get to try some exercises that aren’t in the group classes, or lift a bit heavier as you know someone is there to support you. Recovery in between exercises is always targeted, so you get exactly what your body needs on the day. Doing two sessions a week means I get variety in what I do, but can also see my progress each and every week.' - Pri

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