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One on one personal training sessions focus on specific goals for your fitness level, and ensure that your time and energy are used as effectively as possible. 

We specialise in recognising subtleties in your movement and body, and helping you get the most from every exercise, every session. We will help empower you to be more in tune with your movement, and your body, so that you can experience enhanced wellness and faster results.




We use a smart screening tool developed by PTA Global to help determine what outcomes you want to achieve in your training, and what your movement style is. Knowing your movement style means we can give you a workout that is suited to your personality and lifestyle, so that you have greater workout enjoyment, and targeted results that transfer to your daily life and your goals.

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We know that training has evolved beyond smashing the body, and that less is more. As a result we train our clients smarter, by employing a daily readiness to train assessment, which helps us to better train you as a unique individual. By tracking your lifestyle, physical and mental/emotional factors, we can accurately determine your stress load, and how ‘ready’ your system is to train that day. This helps us determine how hard, and how long to train you for, and what movement strategies might best suit you that day. For example if you are dehydrated, in pain, and had only 2 hours sleep, we may need to adjust your session to ensure that we don’t further tax your system, and delay progress. This is how we guarantee that every single session with us, will give you a positive hormone response, and faster results. READ MORE

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We use Team Polar heart rate technology to ensure that you are hitting the right work and recovery intensity, for your desired goal. With this cutting edge technology, we can track how well you are adapting to the stress of your workout, and make real time changes, to help you get more out of every session. At the end of each session we email you your heart rate chart so that you can track your fitness progress. Heart rate monitors are provided for all personal training sessions, and are available for purchase. READ MORE

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We are proficient with hands on fascial release techniques that enhance our clients movement and function. These skills enable us to release stuck tissue in your body and reduce pain, so that you feel greater freedom, flexibility and mobility. Having a healthy fascial system, means you have increased wellness and rapid progression. READ MORE

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We use traditional equipment like Barbells, dumbbells and Kettlebells with more progressive tools like Sandbells, balloons, ViPR, TRX Suspension and Rip Trainers. We also use a variety of vibration tools like Powerplate and Niagara Vibration Pads to enhance your workout. All exercises strategies are centred around our core belief that integrated whole body movement is the best for training the human body.

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We do personal training differently

Invest in your health and fitness and start your journey today

Personal Training Prices

At In2great Fitness, we understand that training is very much like learning a new skill. It involves practice, structured guidance and discipline. We believe that seeing one of our Movement Specialists for 4-6 weeks is a great way to ensure your exercise success and achieve positive change. We will educate and empower you to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed both in and out of the gym environment.


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'After walking past the front door for many months,  I finally decided to step in and have a conversation with Nathan.  Now, just a quick history on me…. Ex-triathlete diagnosed with early-onset osteoarthritis in both hips.  I had to give up running four years ago, then let work take priority and slowly dropped off cycling due to back pain.  Ultimately this resulted in a lot of visits to (and money to) osteos and physios, multiple sports doctors (hoping for an alternate diagnosis) and still no improvement to my body, my movement and my mental wellbeing.  With the arrival of my first child I knew it was time to try something different.

4 months on with Nathan….  My range of movement has improved (as confirmed by my osteo).  I’m back into swimming and cycling and most importantly I’m able to enjoy parenthood without constant back ache. I still have niggles and discomfort BUT with Nathan’s help I have learnt how to manage it. What I like about in2great wellness is that for the first time I have started to understand my body.  This has been a game changer for me as an individual as it allows me to take accountability with Nathan there to provide guidance and coaching.  I have learnt about signs to look for tightness in my body, I have learnt simple release techniques and what parts of the body to work on. So all in all; great coach, great environment, great schedule has allowed me to get my mojo back and get in2great wellness!!!' - Harj

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