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Functional Lab Testing


Conventional lab testing and interpretation is brilliant at addressing disease states and acute conditions, but often fails to identify sub clinical health issues, or a 'general lack of wellness.' Identifying deviations from optimal health and sub clinical conditions, is imperative to prevent diseases processes from fully expressing. It's much more effective and far less expensive, to treat dysfunction early on before it manifests as a fully fledged disease down the track.

Functional Lab testing is non specific and looks at how systems of the body are functioning, and can provide unique insight into sub clinical health conditions. Our body is a highly complex and interconnected system, and as we depart from homeostasis and ideal health, there is no single cause, or single part of the body that is affected.  Lab testing traditionally looks at optimal ranges, but what is optimal for one person, may not be for another, and a distinguishing part of integrative medicine is that the lab tests are heavily correlated with the patients symptoms, and lifestyle factors.



What’s involved?


As your Functional Medicine practitioner, I will review your full health history, and if needed advise where lab testing may help us identify hidden stressors and opportunities for healing. All lab tests are paid directly to the lab, and there are no second party fees. The most common types of investigation we conduct includes looking at the following:

HPA Axis Function & Comprehensive Sex Hormones

This cutting edge Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) looks at the Hypothalamus, Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis function as well as individual markers for Cortisol, DHEA, Melatonin, Estrogens, Testosterone, and Progesterone. This test essentially measures your overall resilience, energy production, sex hormone levels, and how well you are coping with stress. Tracking hormone metabolites gives us powerful information about detoxification pathways, gut function, preferred hormone pathways, total hormone output, and insight into whether DNA damage is occurring.


This test also measures urine organic acids which provide insight into nutrient deficiencies, brain health and neurotransmitters, oxidative stress, detoxification, and methylation.


HPA axis dysregulation (formally thought of as adrenal fatigue) is associated with a lack or resilience, sleep issues, loss of stress tolerance, mood issues like anxiety / depression, fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog, compromised immune function, and hormone imbalance. The test is one of the best on the market for providing a global snapshot at multiple physiological functions $359AU  + postage

Stool Testing for Gut / Immune Function & Pathogen Screening

This test screens for key parasites, bacterial dysbiosis, yeast or fungus which may be hindering gut function. This test is good for identifying abnormal Gastrointestinal conditions, and looks for the presence of mucus or blood in the stool which can indicate infection, inflammation etc. There are also several digestive markers which can help identify whether gut acidity and pancreatic output is ideal.

This comprehensive stool test provides great insight into the function of the gut which affects all other systems. Knowing what is happening with gut function can help guide treatment to alleviate gut symptoms and overall lack of well being. Test cost vary depending on the level of detail and additional markers approx $220- $590+ postage

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)


This tests is a 3 hour breath test (performed in your own home) that measures the presence of pathogenic bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines. Bacteria typically live in the large intestine, but when gut function is impaired, can move into the small intestine and create dysfunction. Symptoms of SIBO can include diarrhea, constipation, cramping, bloating, gas, acid reflux, food sensitivities, joint pain, skin issues, Iron and B12 deficiency and more. Test cost approx $299 + postage. Fructose intolerance testing can be added for $409.

Intestinal Permeability


This test looks at the structural integrity of the gut wall to detect intestinal permeability or what is more commonly known as leaky gut. Breaches in the gut lining and a loss of gut lining integrity can cause systemic inflammation, reduced immune function and food allergies. This test is a urine test. Test cost approx $90 + postage

Organic Acids


Organic Acids are byproducts of cellular and microbial metabolism, and they provide information on metabolic function, nutrient deficiency, toxic exposure, brain and hormone function, and gastrointestinal function. This test measures organic acids via a urine test and prices vary depending on specific markers from $200-500

Liver Function & Detoxification


This urine test looks at phase 1 and 2 of detoxification and can provide information on the toxic load of the body and how well the body is detoxifying chemicals, hormones, environmental toxins and metabolic byproducts. The nature of this test can pin point nutrients that may be lacking, potential causes of ill health and treatment protocols to eradicate dysfunction. Price on asking.

Allergy Testing


Allergy testing looks for food allergies to common foods which may be causing poor health and constant inflammation. Chronic low grade inflammation from food sensitives can cause major health damage. This test can provide a window into poor gut function, and provide detailed information on how to structure a client specific healing diet. Test cost approx varies depending on test type as there are a few options available.

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