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We have a variety of options to keep you moving from home during lock down! Movement is an essential part of any wellness program, and it's vital in building resilience, immune health, and reducing stress. You can train with us live on Zoom, or use our prerecorded classes for guided workout. 


We specialize in keeping everyone moving regardless of pain, injury or other limitations. With small classes, personalized coaching, and interaction, we can help you train effectively at home to work on your fitness, and more importantly, your wellness. If you miss out on the designated time slot, we'll email you the recording to do in your own time.

Body Weight Circuit Classes  

Attend all body weight based circuits which contain no equipment. Each session includes movement preparation such as foam rolling and mobilisers, goal based movement, and recovery (foam rolling, breath work etc). The session is designed to provide powerful hormone and metabolic benefits, as well as opportunities to increase mobility, tissue health and resilience.

1:1 Private Zoom 

We can train you live to deliver a workout specifically designed for your fitness level or to help manage any niggles or restrictions. 

Thanks so much!  The continuation of training, ability to connect to the group, and availability of equipment has provided a much needed constant during the past few weeks. You've adapted really quickly and I think it's going really well.  One thing that sets you apart from other training is the fantastic feedback in the live sessions where you really are monitoring our technique and adapting for injuries etc.  It's the real deal!  

- Jo K

It is Nathan & Priscilla that have always made the difference at this gym. They make working hard fun, most importantly, they manage to tailor their group sessions to individuals within the group. They’ve done a brilliant job in making sure that personal service has continued through Zoom and the fact that it remains interactive means you keep working harder than if you’re just watching a 1 way video. Brilliant!

- Jon A

It’s wonderful to be able to train alongside other people via zoom. Makes me feel less isolated and helps me to maintain my normal routine in these abnormal times. The exercises are varied to keep us engaged and Nathan checks to make sure we are doing them correctly, which is great! Amazing how quickly you adapted your gym to the virtual world - well done!

​- Jayne J

Wanted to thank you for setting up the awesome body weight virtual classes at this time of social distancing and isolation.It’s usually really difficult for me to get to a class or a session but isolation and your innovation has made it so easy! I look forward to the classes each week which are still really challenging and rewarding. I always finish the session feeling like I’ve done a great workout and still smiling because you keep it fun and engaging. I’ve even managed to get my husband to do the classes too (along with some PT with you). For someone who hasn’t done a gym workout for a long time he’s loving it! Hopefully this is something you might continue delivering after isolation finishes, it’s a great option for parents of young kids who can’t get to class (or live a fair way away as we do)!

- Sarah

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