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Functional Medicine Prices


The functional medicine approach is best for those with chronic health problems, and for those who are committed to doing the work, and investigating the underlying causes of health complaints. Together we will address your lifestyle, and investigate sub clinical chronic conditions that are robbing you of health. A functional medicine solution involves more than brief consultation and a prescription. It may involve evidence based lifestyle strategies, nutritional guidance and planning, supplementation and more, for a comprehensive, and sustainable solution to your heath complaints.


There is no magic pill, and no single reason for poor health. Thus, by addressing all aspects of your life with a multi-faceted approach, we accelerate results, and collectively build your long term health. Making changes and working towards greater health can at times be confronting or overwhelming when you are not feeling your best. Beyond our scheduled time together, you will receive constant support, and the ability to ask questions as we work together to improve your health.

Initial 30 min Consultation $60

Prior to this session you will complete some thorough intake forms which will help provide insight into your case. The Initial session is a comprehensive review of all your intake forms, your specific health history, nutrition, lifestyle, health complaints, and what has or hasn't worked for you in the past. During this session I will advise you of any functional lab testing that may help investigate, and understand your wellness challenges. Please note any optional lab testing is an additional cost, paid directly to the lab.

During this initial consultation we will discuss some simple lifestyle and nutrition changes to implement to optimise health before we dive into a deeper approach in the next session.


Results Consultation $300 (90 minutes)

This session involves a thorough review and explanation of any lab testing results, it's implications and what to do about it to help you move towards greater health. All results will be reviewed prior to our session in the context of your unique case, and an action plan will be created for you. We'll address any healing opportunities with a comprehensive protocol that addresses nutrition, recovery, lifestyle factors like stress, circadian disruption, supplementation and movement.


Beyond the consultation you will have email coaching support, and the ability to ask questions, while you implement the protocol.

Review Session $200 (1 hour)

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