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I’ve never been one to enjoy any type of sport, movement or join a gym. However as time together with ageing and coping with an auto immune disease I made the decision I needed and wanted to improve my whole wellbeing ; mentally and physically.


To be honest I was so intimidated and scared to join any fitness group but once I popped in for a quick chat and met Priscilla, Nathan and their Team member - Dylan, I was immediately in my comfort zone! They are so supportive and always encouraging! Their continuous knowledge about movement and body function is truly inspiring. Priceless!!


The group classes are so much fun and everyone supports each other’s unique level of abilities and skills!! I look forward to each weeks classes and now In2greatfitness & wellness has become my second home! I wish I had found them earlier in my life .....I feel empowered.


I can’t thank the amazing trainers at In2great fitness enough. I have never felt better - no more neck, shoulder or back pain, I feel stronger and less stressed and have even managed to shift a few surplus kgs. If I could give more stars I would. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner!


Fantastic space to train in. Very individualised approach tailored to each participants needs, with a great community vibe. They have a unique point of difference to any other training studio's I have tried. You can definitely tell that Priscilla and Nathan put their heart and soul into everything they do. Definitely recommend!


When joining in2greatfitness my main goal was to tone up, feel comfortable within myself and improve my physical and psychological health. From day 1 I was hooked. The team are truly amazing, so knowledgeable, motivating, encouraging and  always make the sessions fun and enjoyable. I love the small groups, it almost feels like a PT session as the trainers are so attentive and helpful, making sure everyone gets the most out of the session. In2greatfitness is like nothing I’ve seen before.... another level of greatness! They are 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals. 


Since joining, I can’t get enough. The variety of classes are amazing and always so enjoyable, making the workout so much easier. They truly are amazing. In just a mere 4 weeks I have toned up, feeling great in body and mind and have so much more energy.... I love it!


I'm hooked!!! The range of classes and flexibility just screams convenience for me especially with a newborn baby. At In2great so far I have found something spectacular about training with like minded people. Especially with trainers that have proven experience in creating specialised circuits full of variation and well required recoveries. The workouts and the energy is infectious. Would recommend all to come play with us!!


So what can I say about Nathan and Priscilla that hasn’t already been said. For years now I have put off my return to exercise due to numerous injuries. I made a call to In2greatfitness and had a chat with Nathan. No pressure to join just a caring reassurance that they could help when I was ready. So with nothing to lose, I took the plunge, dragged my husband who attended another local gym along and we haven’t looked back since. Greeted with positivity at any time of the day, a focus on technique and an overall interest in your fitness, wellness and health makes this gym so different. Other members are friendly and welcoming and you leave after a class or PT session knowing that you are on track to achieving your fitness goals. Thanks guys my only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner.  


The In2great Fitness staff are passionate and caring towards all their clients. Due to the small group sessions I received great one on one attention and the work outs were challenging which activated my whole body making me feel energised for the rest of the day.


My fitness goals were to loose a bit of excess weight and feel less fatigued. The time I have spent at the studio has been a massive contributor to this with the variety of classes I have attended. I feel like it’s quite personal being in a small group as it allows more interaction with the trainers. Great to have technical guidance along the way! I love the music, the atmosphere and the vibe, its a very comfortable environment and makes exercise enjoyable.I would recommend your classes due to the holistic approach and awesome environment. I have always been made to feel very welcome and even if I’m not as fit as others, I feel very comfortable to go at my own pace where I need and push harder when I can.

Mel D

Nathan and Priscilla are fantastic. They’ll tailor a program specifically to suit your needs... be it targeted exercises in a group class or one-on-one personal training. My wife and I have loved both. If you’re in the area (or even if you’re not!), do yourself a favour and try them out!

Peter L

My goals were to begin my weight loss journey of-10kgs by starting to form better habits for myself, to get more out of each day by doing something before work. I'm an avid morning hating anti gym person and have started up at many other gyms, always ending up cancelling my membership due to a mix of not knowing what to do on my own and the boredom at having to stare at a wall whilst exercising


The classes at in2great are completely different to anything I've ever done before - they carefully curate each class with activities and movements to get the best out of yourself, and each session encapsulates variety. Where else in the area can you use ViPRs, TRX, vibration plate and the cool bungy things on the wall (no idea what they're called)


The movements themselves moving through the different class options are similar/familiar to the typical pt/gym doctrine but the ones here have a little twist on the norm. In2great Fitness offers individual advice to participants depending on what your strength/capabilities are, and if you have a particular injury or niggle then how to work with then release using a foam roller. I love the variety of classes, the great vibe of the group participating in the class and the feeling that you're not competing against everyone but just trying to better yourself


I'm also asthmatic and was wary starting a new regime would set off my wheeziness and make me be unable to participate for long periods of time. Quite the opposite has happened due to the use of the heart rate monitors, as I can see quite easily on the screen what my heart rate is, and also of the collective group. Instead of blindly panicking like I normally would, I can monitor and use the rest periods to bring my heart rate down through mindful breathing. Also this is the only gym I've been to where lying down on the ground to get yourself in check is encouraged!


I would recommend anyone in the area as it has changed my work/life balance for the better, I'm no longer constantly running late in the morning and have more time to spend where I want to be


When I finally decided to see Nathan for personal training - to improve my fitness and better manage my osteoarthritis - I was constantly in pain, found it uncomfortable to walk and I hardly did any exercise. After 6 or so months of training with Nathan, my entire diet has changed (I'm eating healthier), I look forward to exercising every day, I've nearly doubled the number of steps I take each day, I'm more flexible and I've started lifting weights. I've lost weight and about an inch off my waist. I'm also mostly pain free! Thanks Nath!


The groups are small and intimate which means you get lots of individual attention. The instructors don’t simply explain the exercises, but they actually check and correct each individual’s form and technique. They are so knowledgeable about injury prevention compared to other gyms I’ve been to in the past where the instructors don’t care whether or not you’re doing the exercises safely and properly.


The classes are different each time which keeps it exciting and fun. The instructors always make sure you are doing everything correctly and provide alternative exercises for different ability levels, and for existing injuries making it comfortable and enjoyable for everyone!


When I do an in2great session I know I’m not only improving my current fitness, but also protecting my body from injury and improving my health long-term. This is because a lot of emphasis is placed on mobility, form and technique. They can be tailored to suit a variety of ages and fitness levels. Plus they are small groups so you get a lot of attention from the trainers and they are fun! 


Priscilla and Nathan are without a doubt the leaders in their field, their vast experience and history across all sectors of the health and wellness industry, combined with personal experience ensures no question is able to be unanswered without a practical explanation and methodology in ALL aspects of heath. I have complete trust in Priscilla and Nathan to provide the most up to date and relevant knowledge when it comes to not only exercise but nutrition and lifestyle balance for optimal health, and cannot recommend them highly enough! They are THE best personal trainers I have ever worked with, due to the fact their results are genuinely sustainable, and able to be applied to any lifestyle situation I happen to be in, good or bad, I don’t need to stop seeing them because I’m ‘too tired’ or have too much on, they have a solution for every level of health I present them with by adjusting the exercise to stress and energy levels while still being able to obtain great results. Highly recommend!!


Having recently started training sessions with Nathan and Priscilla, I'm thrilled with their holistic approach to my health and wellbeing.  Learning about my heart rate during exercise has been invaluable, leading to greater awareness of my own performance and increased motivation to achieve real results.  Thanks so much to you both for your ongoing commitment to making every session challenging, informative and super fun!


I have absolutely loved working out at In2great Fitness! The team make such an effort to get to know everyone to make sure they are getting the most out of every session. The gym sessions and group classes are constantly varied so I know I will always be working out new muscles and getting challenged.

Sarah K

I have been a regular at another gym for several years. After wanting more, I tried in2greatfitness for a few weeks and loved it so much my wife and I have become members in Feb 2018. Nathan is energetic, positive and  knowledgeable. He gets to know his client’s skills & abilities and takes that knowledge to tailor each group session. He is very particular about technique but corrects quickly and positively. Nathan also looks at overall fitness such as non-gym exercise & diet. The group sessions cater for all fitness levels and age groups with variety.

I recommend in2greatfitness for those wanting a small personalised and challenging gym experience.

Michael W

In2great Fitness has a relaxed and welcoming feel and the instructors are friendly and casual. The members have a wide range of age, ability and exercise preferences so I felt like I fit in even though I'm a gym novice. Nathan has a deep knowledge of body and movement. Within a few visits he’d made changes which got me running (and just living) without foot pain - truly amazing! His legitimate care for my individual wellbeing and not just revenue is why I’ll keep coming back.


I have been training with In2great fitness for 6 weeks and have enjoyed the training atmosphere which is friendly, down to earth, and process and results driven. I enjoy the feedback which comes from the trainers, the inspiration and willingness of the trainers to push my own physical and psychological limitations and the approach to strength/mobility and health, which in2great fitness promotes.


What I have found, is that the emphasis on varied movement, which vipr, TRX and circuit training promotes encourages the body to be strong and mobile which is a breath of fresh air. In addition the release work and the variable heart rate training aids the body and mind to be in a state of health. I would recommend in2great fitness for anyone who is seeking support to establish and maintain a health regime.

Andrew T

I’m generally not a fan of gyms and have never been one to stick to membership for more than a couple of months. But after realising I needed to up the ante from a walk or two a week I visited In2great Fitness for a consultation. The team understood I wanted to strengthen & tone and how to get there, and after completing two months of the training, I feel like I’m well on my way to achieving my fitness goals, feeling more toned and definitely stronger. The best part about it is that I actually enjoy going to training - it’s social, personalised, friendly and I’m continually motivated. I won’t be pulling the pin on this membership any time soon :)

Jo B

I have always attended gyms and have endeavored to keep fit over many years but it wasn’t until recently that I had the opportunity to try something different at In2great Fitness through their very generous “8 weeks of unlimited training” promotion that made me realise how lazy I had become.  As they say “a change is as good as a holiday” so with the encouragement and expertise at In2great Fitness I find I am motivated and moving more efficiently.  The classes I attend are short but really effective as I don’t get bored, can last the distance, are actually enjoyable and I feel great afterwards!  I am keen to continue my training and highly recommend it to people who like working out in small groups with personal attention.    PS.  After some classes you even get computerised feedback that arrives via email usually before you get home after a session – now that is something else!

Cheryl K

I have thoroughly enjoyed the small session classes and the 6am sessions suits my morning schedule perfectly. 

The variation of exercises and equipment used throughout the classes keeps me interested and motivated.

I’m feeling stronger and my body shape has toned over the last 4 week period. Thanks Nathan & P, it’s been great and am looking forward to continuing my training with you.


I really enjoyed my 8 week health and fitness package. The classes were always varied and fun, I really appreciated using the heart rate monitors to be able to get a good sense of how hard I was working. The trainers were always so enthusiastic and focused and helpful. My personal training sessions were great, and the cool downs using the vibration plate were super relaxing and helped with recovery. Overall a great fitness experience. 


You guys have all been great, and I have really enjoyed the sessions. You have all gone above and beyond, remembering names straight off the bat, and sending out heart rate thingos, we were very impressed. Although its group training, it's not far off a personal trainer level of attention.

It's been perfect for me post-indulgent summer and total lack of movement in months! Non-intimidating and not too over the top, as a lot of other group training sessions I used to do were so full and almost unenjoyable at times, until it was over haha.

The classes with you guys are enjoyable more than anything. I also think its great the way the classes work in terms of (and I'm not sure of the 'tech' words), using your brain, dynamic movements, games, etc. You can tell everyone's having a good time, which really is the main thing, and the same faces keep coming back which is a good sign. 


I have recently finished my one month trial at In2greatfitness and although I have noticed considerable changes in my body the most notable change is in my mental health. The variety of classes offered at In2greatfitness has helped me establish a healthy daily routine and has improved my productivity at school. Nathan and Priscilla provide a challenging yet equally fun environment and the emphasis they put on recovery and improving body efficiency has helped me feel more energised after working out compared to other gyms I’ve been at.


I first met Nathan in a traditional gym environment. I was doing repetitive isolated weight lighting that I found boring and struggled to get motivated to work out. However, after being introduced to his style of training, this all changed. Workouts went from boring, repetitive movements to full body challenging exercises. I was now working harder, more often and enjoying it.


This was a few years ago, and recently I found myself back in a gym lifting weights again. It wasn’t  long until I hit a plateau and once again hated working out. I remembered the enjoyment and success from Nathans training and quickly found myself back at in2greatfitness.  Now I see results; I'm eager to train hard, push myself more and work out more than I ever have before, thanks to Nathan and Priscilla. 


I wanted to get back into a "realistic" form of exercise, tone up and improve general well being. After 4 weeks, I already feel stronger and more energised. The unlimited pass is a great way to try the different classes. I had never used a Trx, Vipr, vibration plate and many of the other equipment before, so it is a great opportunity to discover everything and figure out what works best for my body.

Small friendly groups, the classes nearly feel like pt, and routines change all the time, I am loving the environment. 

The PT sessions were very good as well, I really appreciated the way you listened to my body and responded to its need with a gentle approach. I felt so much better after it.

The variety is excellent, every session is a surprise workout!. Training bare feet has enabled me to discover that my ankle and hips are a bit stiff. I feel improvement in these areas too.

I love the energy , enthusiasm, fun and great knowledge that you bring. Also going training doesn't feel like a "chore" anymore, it's fun and it goes so quickly. I much prefer supporting a small business too. Being one myself I know how important it is to establish customer's trust, loyalty and referrals. I will be continuing training with you guys once my 10 weeks pass is over. Thank you and keep up the good work!


Great staff, great service and a great vibe! Recommend both the group classes and PT sessions available. Thank you!

Mel V

Felt really good after the class, made a huge difference to my head space which was amazing! Also had the best sleep I have had for months too! Thanks again for checking in, you have both made me feel very welcome which I appreciate more than you know


Jane L

It’s only been a few weeks at in2greatfitness, but I’m already experiencing an array of improvements and am tracking well towards meeting my health and fitness objectives. I’m feeling stronger, I’m losing some weight and as a whole, feeling mentally and physically a lot healthier. The variety of classes ensures that I’m never bored and the PT’s personal attention ensure that I’m optimising my workouts to efficiently meet my goals in a fun and supportive environment. I’m really excited about what the next few months will bring.


The PT and group sessions are quite different to more traditional training I have done due to bare foot training, 

and using HR monitors for feedback - which has been awesome to hit targets and recover. It's excellent to have feedback on the screens during sessions and I love the full body movements, lots of functional rotational strengthening, rather than just heavy traditional cardio and strength based training. 


The smaller group sizes, readiness to train algorithm on the wall, and the extra focus on recovery, self fascial release and mobility are great. I can definitely see that the trainers are very passionate and knowledgable with respect to training and functional anatomy. There is a great feel and setup to the studio, a very welcoming and non threatening environment to train in.


My fitness goal was to find a gym that I felt comfortable enough to go to on a regular basis and to get back into good health, lose a few kilos and feel energised again. I found this with in2great fitness and I haven't looked back. I joined in March this year and have been attending at least 4 times per week. Both Priscilla and Nathan made me feel so welcome and part of the group classes. There is always something new I learn in each class and how to better care for myself. Nathan and Priscilla always ensure that you are exercising at your best capacity by making sure you are exercising correctly. I absolutely enjoy every class, particularly the ones that challenge my endurance, strength and mind. If your looking for an alternative to a mainstream gym, give in2great fitness a won't be disappointed.


The classes and their impact cannot be explained well enough. They have to be experienced to believe the difference they make to your health and well being. Nathan and Priscilla understand your needs and guide you  fantabulously


The groups are small and you welcome each person by name. It's very personal and non-judgemental and no yelling to ‘push yourself’ so it’s up to the individual, and how they feel. You say it’s holistic and I agree. The variety of activities is great, I have really enjoyed the zone circuit. I think the barefoot work has loosened the connective tissue around my foot and ankles and my lower back is feeling better.


New vigor and energy, simple body movement more free with more energy, playing basketball with my kids at least twice a week are all things I can now do which I couldn't before I started at your place. Thank you for all your support and encouraging guidance!


I've found my home with In2Great Fitness! Nathan and Priscilla provide a friendly, safe, challenging and yet fun environment, designed to support your health and well being. I love the variety of the classes, with every workout being different. The benefits of this is that body and mind are consistently challenged. The environment that Nath and P create means I exercise in a way that maximises my recovery, which means I can easily perform the next day. The workouts utilise the whole body, and are challenging but fun. The people that attend the classes are like-minded and supportive, which means there is no need to worry about what you look like - we're all there to be healthy. 

In2Great teaches how important it is to honour your body and it's rhythms. With this in mind I was able to train out of a recent injury, ensuring that I was training within my limits, with all exercises being modified to increase my recovery time. I am so grateful to Nath and P for creating such a fantastic place to exercise!


After spending years avoiding gyms it is ironic that I am now a real advocate amongst friends & family.  I love that I am fitter and stronger as well as healthier and moving better.  I love the volume & variety of classes offered so that no matter what is happening in the week I can always find a class I can go to.  I really appreciate that Nathan & Priscilla work with you at your pace and that they genuinely want to see you do well.  Classes are both challenging & fun and no two classes are ever the same.  The small classes create a real sense of community and Nathan & Priscilla are both great trainers.  Investing in my own health was one of the best decisions I made and I would recommend Nathan & Priscilla to anyone who wants to do the same.


In2great truly is a special place. I love training at the studio as I know I am going to have fun as well as get a good workout. Not only that, Nathan and Priscilla know more about the body and how to train than anyone I have ever come across. Whether, you are fatigued mentally or physically, haven't had a good night sleep, have an injury, or dehydrated, they will tailor your workout within a group setting to work around your specific needs.... even if you don't know what they are when you walk in the studio! On top of their amazing knowledge, they are the nicest people and I love the sense of community they have built at In2great


Nathan and Priscilla are a couple of smart cookies. They are switched on, enthusiastic, genuine and have an obvious passion for what they do. I sought out In2greatfitness on the recommendation of friends. I was suffering chronic shoulder pain. Physio sessions, dry needling, taping and prescription pain relief had provided little relief.

Nathan has taught me a range of exercises and stretches that are invaluable. They relieve my shoulder pain and as an added bonus have increased my flexibility and greatly improved my overall heath. Aside from the training, I have learned heaps about nutrition, health and movement and even how to breathe properly.

I honestly can’t recommend them highly enough.


Priscilla and Nathan have created a gym that is like no other and I love it!! The atmosphere is always positive and fun, there is no judgement and everyone is so friendly and encouraging. The small group classes are excellent and P and Nath always provide ways that I can challenge myself and improve my movement. I attended classes throughout my whole pregnancy and they were always able to personalise the movements to suit my needs and support me throughout my pregnancy. They are both incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about health, wellbeing and fitness and have had a huge impact on my understanding of what it means to be fit and healthy. Thanks to these two amazing trainers, I am fitter, healthier and happier than I have ever been!! Do yourself a favour and get down to in2great!


I originally joined In2great with the aim of maintaining strength, flexibility, and improving my overall fitness; having trained with free weights in bodybuilding gyms for most of my adult life, I was curious to see if the style of training offered could yield the results I was looking for.


After just a few weeks of classes I noticed a substantial improvement to my fitness level, and eighteen months on, In2great has completely exceeded every one of my expectations. I am constantly amazed by how much passion, professionalism, knowledge, Priscilla and Nathan are able to bring to every one of their sessions; they are observant of your capabilities, sensitive to injuries, and always comprehensive in explaining how and why a particular exercise is of benefit.

The use of heart monitors when training enhances the overall experience; being able to see both my heart rate and exertion level on a screen in front of me, I know when to push that extra bit harder, and when to ease off in order to ensure I get the maximum out of every workout.

The small size of the group classes  affords a level of one-on-one attention not offered at other fitness centres (unless you have a personal trainer), and the familiar faces at every class very quickly make you feel like a part of the In2great community.


I don’t think I could have achieved my current level of fitness, and more importantly wellness if not for the personal attention offered by Priscilla and Nathan, and I look forward to being a part of the In2great family for many years to come

David Z

Training at In2greatfitness is like nothing I've done before. Every class is different and unique. Plus it is really fun. Nathan and Priscilla are always extremely helpful and always correct me if I'm doing something slightly wrong. They are very professional but also love to have a laugh. I am constantly recommending in2greatfitness to all my family and friends


We have done a combination of PT and the group classes. The PT is fantastic and I became so much stronger and toned with 6 weeks of PT - I would have laughed if you said I could manage chin up's but have achieved that goal and many more! The group classes are great too. They are challenging, great value & lots of fun. You always feel like Nath & P know their clients & cater the classes to different fitness levels & any injuries. There are loads of class options & times which we suit us as working parents with young kids. 

Jane S

In2great Fitness is an absolute game changer. The classes are fun, challenging, interesting, diverse, non competitive and empowering. I leave there feeling stronger and more beautiful then when I came in  (even though I look a bit puffed out and sweaty!)  Nathan and Priscilla are absolute stars in the field and have changed my life for the better. I couldn’t recommend it more.


50+ and chronic knee problems. The local gyms just made it worse. 2 years ago I was recommended to see Priscilla at In2greatfitness. I'm still there, why? The one on one attention, variety of classes, and the friendly, caring atmosphere. I feel stronger, lighter and have a greater understanding of how nutrition and health affects me day to day. Thank you , Priscilla and Nathan for caring


Thanks so much, Nathan for your helping our daughter, Charlotte. We came to you after having long-term issues with Charlotte's hips. In a short time you managed to help her move properly again. Your care and support of her made all the difference, and she has had no significant hip issues since seeing you. We were very lucky to find you and receive your help. Thank you so much!! 


Joining In2great fitness been one of the best things I’ve done for myself this year. The classes are interactive and positive, and always encompasses a holistic approach to fitness. After only a couple of months of training, my entire body already feel far stronger (yes – I show off my guns way too often). Nathan Flynn constructs classes with a great variety of movements and ensures each person gets personal attention to help build better technique and a more efficient use of our bodies. I always look forward to each class. In2great fitness is certainly a keeper!!!


What a place! This couple are such amazing trainers. They know every one that walks in the door. They customise every work out to suit you individually. The training schedule is top shelf, never have the same workout twice. Best value with a monthly join up. Advice for diet, exercise and wholistic approach. The best.  They're here to change your life and make exercise your world, a normality. Thank you Nathan and Priscilla for all the love you pour into us all. You make us dedicated.

David E

I have been going to in2greatfitness since they opened. I never miss the Saturday class if I can help it and it's different every week. I enjoy the challenge and the fact it is never boring.


I would highly recommend In2greatfitness. I was suffering from lower back pain. Turns out I was rotated from carrying children on my hip. After going to their group classes I felt better and more mobile than I had in ages. Nathan and Priscilla make it fun and get the whole of you working and back into alignment. They know bodies. Try them, it's different and it works.


The fitness classes are different because they are fun, sometimes you don’t really know you are working. Short intense bursts of energy that really get your heart working. It sets me up so well for my weekend, I always feel fantastic after each session. My fitness goal was to get leaner and feel better at the weekends. My Saturday morning class filled needs in two ways, firstly to feel great after the class and secondly to feel better on a Saturday morning before the class (no wine on a Friday night). I would recommend the class because you have fun as you work hard with really good instructors who concentrate on personalising what you need to do.


I have been going to In2great Fitness for over a year now and really enjoy the whole body movements and using Heart Rate Monitors. (it's so different to all the big gyms where nobody even speaks to you) Priscilla and Nathan care about you and everybody is treated as an individual even in a small group training. Would highly recommend them.


I have been training with Priscilla and Nathan for nearly 12 months.  As a busy mum my training is my time and I love it!  I have had both personal training and attended group sessions and enjoy both.  In2great fitness training in a different way to what I was used too. Keeping an eye on your heart rate peeks and recovery Priscilla and Nathan make sure you optimise your training in a way that doesn't leave you needing a nap at 3pm! The groups are fun, small and socialible with everyone interacting, laughing whilst at the encouraging each other.  Nathan and Pricilla have gone above and beyond a normal gym / trainer, offering tailored advice to help me achieve my goals. 


The training at In 2 Great Fitness is different from any I've done in the past including Pilates, Gym, yoga etc. Firstly the initial assessment was comprehensive and holistic. Secondly the private sessions target your specific needs not some repetitive program. Secondly all sessions take your level of well being ie hydration sleep etc into account. The major highlights of the group sessions are functional mobility and fun varied movement games which improve the body brain and mood. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived and have already recommended this to family and friends.


Nathan and Priscilla from In2Great Fitness are amazing. Unlike big, impersonal gymnasiums, they are friendly, supportive and inclusive of everyone, regardless of fitness levels and abilities. After being introduced to them by my daughter about a year ago, I can honestly say they have changed my life. This time last year I was overweight, stressed and living in constant pain from my right hip and knee.

Nathan and Priscilla are always positive about what I am capable of achieving. Through a variety of small group training options such as TRX, Peak,  Zone Circuit and DeStress sessions, they have taught me how to strengthen my body, move more effectively and how to be happy. I feel so much better since joining them. 

Every session is guaranteed to be hard work, but fun. Even on a bad day,  within 5 minutes I have forgotten the negative stuff and am ready to focus on me. The sessions are challenging, targeted and rewarding. There is nothing more cathartic than slamming a couple of sand bells. 

These days with Nathan's and Priscilla's guidance, I work hard at living gluten and sugar free. I have dropped several kilograms, am no longer bloated, my mind is clear and on most days, I am pain free. I love it!!!!! 

If you want a fun, challenging workout in small groups of friendly, like minded people, you can't look past In2Great Fitness...Awesome!!!


After walking past the front door for many months,  I finally decided to step in and have a conversation with Nathan.  Now, just a quick history on me…. Ex-triathlete diagnosed with early-onset osteoarthritis in both hips.  I had to give up running four years ago, then let work take priority and slowly dropped off cycling due to back pain.  Ultimately this resulted in a lot of visits to (and money to) osteos and physios, multiple sports doctors (hoping for an alternate diagnosis) and still no improvement to my body, my movement and my mental wellbeing.  With the arrival of my first child I knew it was time to try something different.


4 months on with Nathan….  My range of movement has improved (as confirmed by my osteo).  I’m back into swimming and cycling and most importantly I’m able to enjoy parenthood without constant back ache.  I still have niggles and discomfort BUT with Nathan’s help I have learnt how to manage it. What I like about in2greatfitness is that for the first time I have started to understand my body.  This has been a game changer for me as an individual as it allows me to take accountability with Nathan there to provide guidance and coaching.  I have learnt about signs to look for tightness in my body, I have learnt simple release techniques and what parts of the body to work on. So all in all; great coach, great environment, great schedule has allowed me to get my mojo back and get in2greatfitness!!!


Nathan and Priscilla are two of the most genuine people you’ll meet. The movements and games remind me of my childhood – extremely fun and will no doubt get the heart rate up! They are very flexible and accommodating to everyone’s fitness levels and requirements. I always feel welcome here and there’s a real sense of community at this studio. Highly recommended for all ages!


The best thing about the semi-private PT sessions is that you get a personalised session but have one or two others to share the fun with! With such a small group, Nath or P are always on hand to help you get out that last rep, correct your technique and hold you accountable to your results. You also get to try some exercises that aren’t in the group classes, or lift a bit heavier as you know someone is there to support you. Recovery in between exercises is always targeted, so you get exactly what your body needs on the day. Doing two sessions a week means I get variety in what I do, but can also see my progress each and every week. Loving the semi-private PT!


I heard about in2greatfitness through a few friends who had been attending classes and getting great results reducing aches and pains from long standing sports injuries in knees, shins and hips. So when the opportunity came up to trial the classes for 30 days unlimited for only $99 I jumped at it! And I’m so glad I did!


As someone who regularly attended yoga classes and cardio gym classes I thought I had a pretty good base level of fitness.  What I didn’t realise was how repetitive moves, pore posture and having my heart rate elevated for long periods of time over the years, was actually damaging my body and putting it under more stress; resulting in longer recovery time from injuries, spending a lot of time with aches and muscle fatigue and making it difficult to manage sugar cravings in the day. Not only have I improved my fitness at in2greatfitness, I’ve rebalanced my body and released cm’s from those troublesome areas (inner thighs). I’ve also learnt more about my body in 30 days from Priscilla and Nathan’s holistic approach than I had in 15 years attending regular cardio gym sessions. I still love my yoga and kickboxing but will definitely be making my classes at in2greatfitness part of my weekly exercise routine, my body can’t afford not to!


I joined In2great fitness just before Christmas 2014. A friend had been encouraging me to try it out for some time but to be honest I had not done as class for a long time and was not convinced I would be able to join in. At my first appointment with Priscilla I felt comfortable and knew that I had found somewhere I could build my fitness back up. I have had one injury after another and had stopped doing any exercise and really had lost my confidence to exercise at all. Since starting I have been able to attend all classes and am starting to get my confidence back. The supportive environment encouraged by Nathan and Priscilla means anyone of any age would feel comfortable whilst getting the best workout as an individual.

One of the highlights for me is that we are encouraged to think of our wellness as a whole not just the fitness side. I have done the “Go hard or Go home” for a long time but it had played havoc with my body and now I aiming for consistency along with better health. I feel like I can start thinking about setting some fitness goals and am excited about what 2015 brings.


Since joining in2greatfitness on their $99.00 unlimited class package, I have really enjoyed the combination of classes offering various levels of fitness. The small group classes are personalized, fun and interactive.  As a netballer, training at in2greatfitness has helped build my strength, speed and endurance on the court. By attending three classes per week, I have noticed instant results; less stress, more energy and the ability to sleep better. Nathan and Priscilla are true health and fitness professionals and make training a fun way to exercise.


Since starting the program in November. I have found the $52 a week unlimited pack the best option for me. This package allows me to participate in varied programs that often include a double session of de – stress and hard work. It provides me with great flexibility and the option of trying every class. In 2 great fitness is a great place to work out as they have made me feel welcome and are genuinely concerned about my health and fitness. Starting out I was extremely nervous and anxious at what lay ahead, although with the help from Nathan, Priscillia and everyone else who trains there, I am excited and thrilled every time to start a work out.


Training at In2greatfitness is not only rewarding physically but is also energizing and a lot of fun.  The classes are innovative and always challenging no matter what fitness level you are.  Nathan and Priscilla are incredibly dedicated to their profession and knowledgeable in so many aspects of health and fitness.  They are always there to offer advice and support and will adapt your training session to suit your needs (eg. if you are injured or sore etc).  We love the atmosphere of the small and friendly group circuit classes and can’t believe how fast the sessions go.  We would highly recommend In2greatfitness for people of all fitness levels looking for a new and effective way to train or get fit under the guidance of two very passionate and caring trainers. 

Mel & Rob

Small group training at in2great fitness is definitely the way to go for me. Priscilla and Nathan care about you and how your body functions as a whole and will make sure any injuries are looked after. The classes are motivating because they are FUN, and I got results because they really know their stuff


My husband and I signed up to the $99 Introductory Offer at In2Great Fitness at the start of the year. As the parents of two young children and (like most people) being extremely busy, we were keen to try to find some time in the new year for us both to get fit and healthy. The $99 Introductory Offer really appealed to us because as well as being great value, it would give us the opportunity to try a range of classes and to see what would work best for us. We have both gained so much from the sessions and in such a short time feel like we have made real progress towards our goals. Priscilla and Nathan are brilliant trainers – they are knowledgable, welcoming and patient and provide lots of individual attention in the group setting. The classes are fun and cater to people of all fitness and experience levels. We have both really appreciated the holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing and look forward to continuing to work towards our goals through the sessions.

Matt & Fiona

I have been training regularly at the gym for many years and is a large part of my daily life. Since I started including regular training sessions at In2great, I have noticed substantial change in my strength, fitness and overall well-being. One of the key distinctions I draw between a regular gym and In2great is that it’s so far from what one would expect from a “standard” gym. It caters for all ages and levels of fitness, and regardless of your fitness goals, fitness levels or capacity, everyone gets a great workout. Another one of the key distinctions that is a key driver for me is what I consider to be the “care factor”. Both Priscilla and Nathan are genuinely interested in how you are, how you are feeling each and every time you come in for a training session. They take the time to understand you on a personal level and also understand any physical or emotional barriers that may exist and are able to moderate your training session accordingly – irrespective if this is in a group training session.

In2great is so different from a standard gym and I find it very difficult to articulate just how many benefits you can get from training there. My all-over strength has increased substantially, so much so that many people starting asking me what I was doing differently in my life as they could see a change in me. The only thing that I had changed in my routine is that I had incorporated regular training at In2great. Another key benefit from my training at In2great has been my understanding of how the body works and by moving in a certain way, I have the benefit of not only improving my strength and fitness, but also incorporating exercises to assist with some long standing niggles I have from training in other areas. I have brought along many friends there to experience the difference and they have all loved it and shared the benefits that I often talk about. 


I don’t know what I’d do without Priscilla and Nathan’s group classes every week. I get a full body workout, deep mobilisation, and a sense of safety at high intensities. My body structure makes me vulnerable to tweaks, but Priscilla and Nathan’s commitment to being “movement specialists” means I get tweaks treated on the spot – that’s priceless. I’ve had trainers across four countries, and know the difference between average and powerfully professional. For all these reasons, I’ve stayed loyal to these guys for over three years. Highly recommended.


I highly recommend these classes as they are fun, interactive and don’t even feel like you’re exercising – although you get the great benefits of doing so! In2great fitness has definitely changed my whole concept of working out.  My routine has completely changed from before I started with In2great Fitness. Every workout/ class at the studio is fun and challenging at the same time, plus I get my weekly laughter dose in every time. The Staff are dedicated to making your fitness goals a reality.  I personally wanted a routine that was fun, exciting and that built my overall fitness.  I found this easily achieved through participating in the small group training. The small group classes allow the instructor to focus on achieving your personal goals and incorporating challenging activities whilst focusing on you individually and making it fun and enjoyable interacting with others in the class.


I enjoy the small classes as it is not overwhelming and you can still be heard.  I find in large gyms you can get lost in classes because there are such a large number of people and they do not focus on your personal goals. Another positive aspect of the small group classes is that you can make suggestions and input of what training you want to do.   During the classes the instructors watch you move and will suggest exercises for you individually to help you move better.  You may be sore and tired when you walk in, but when you walk out you feel like a new person and are ready to take on whatever is coming your way.  I have found the classes have had a large impact on my stress levels, as soon as the class starts I feel calm and refreshed.


If you are looking for positivity, challenge, uniqueness, people who are generally interested to help you achieve your fitness goals and to feel fabulous then the small group classes are definitely a step in the right direction.  They have certainly had an amazing impact on me! 


I have always feared ‘the gym’ but at in2greatfitness I feel totally comfortable and welcome. The balance between hard work, pushing yourself and enjoyment is perfect. Nath is always watching out to make sure your are taking care of your body and guiding you to get the benefit of getting up early. The best start to the day is when I have done a 6am circuit, I love every minute of it. 


When I found in2great fitness I was looking for help to recover from injury and continue to enjoy an active life into middle and old age. After years of flogging my body doing loads of running and triathlons at 42 I found my body breaking down and unable to do what I wanted to do.I  have found by doing the classes and personal training I have rehabilitated my body and continue to use muscles and movement to maintain an active life. The passion both Nathan and Priscilla have for their clients to move well and improve fitness make it fun and challenging. They watch and correct how you move making your body use muscles in a more effective way. I haven’t been to a Physio in 2 years since I have been with them and don’t intend to as doing the classes teaches you how to maintain healthy muscles through movement. 


Fantastic gym catering to individual needs and levels in stimulating small group classes as well as one-on-one training. It's run by two passionate movement experts who are constantly evolving and creating new moves to make the classes challenging and fun. And it's not just about fitness, it's a holistical approach that focuses on client wellness as well. It's light years ahead of most gyms!  Love the small classes which enables flexibility to deal with individual goals while enjoying interacting with others, making 45 minutes of exercise pass easily, and usually with a few laughs, no tears! I like the fact that age and fitness levels don’t matter, and everyone is able to join in at whatever strength or pace they want. 


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