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Vibration training changes the game! With up to 40 muscle contractions per second, it's like cheating!


Acceleration training is an advanced way to increase the force put into the body for training or recovery purposes. Vibration training can achieve a high volume of work and force, in a short time. Whole Body Vibration training was originally developed to help astronauts with muscle wasting and bone density loss, after living in a zero gravity environment in space.  The Powerplate has been around for over 15 years and is a well-regarded, certified medical device.


To understand how acceleration training works, we need to take note of Newton's Second Law:


Force = Mass x Acceleration


Recognising this equation, you can increase the force applied to the body, by increasing the mass (traditional weight lifting) or by increasing the acceleration of movement which is how the Powerplate works. Powerplate allows you accelerate movement and put between 25-50 hertz through your body, which is the equivalent of 25-50 vibrations or muscle contractions, per second. Accelerated movement, equates to more force in your system.


The Powerplate vibrates in 3 dimensions very quickly, over very small distances so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. As the Powerplate vibrates up and down, it increases your gravitational pull or relative G-Force. In this way we can apply up to 8 G-Force, or 8 x body weight to your system, just by standing on the Powerplate platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Bone density increases

  • Muscle strength increases

  • Weight loss and cellulite reduction

  • Better circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Increased hydration of connective tissue

  • Stress hormone reduction

  • Enhanced digestion

  • Pain reduction,

  • Faster recovery 

  • Reduction of swelling

  • Pelvic floor strength

  • Cellular health 

  • Enhanced proprioception and coordination

  • Non invasive release of hard to get to areas (pelvis)

  • Increased flexibity


vibration training, powerplate


When you train on top of a Power Plate, every muscle in your body is reacting, adapting and making micro adjustments every second. This results in more work being performed, in less time than traditional workouts. For example even using the lowest settings of 30 hertz, at a low amplitude (how far the plate moves per cycle) for 60 seconds, you are experiencing roughly 1800 muscle contractions in just one minute! As you can see from the chart above, even at 35 hz, with Low amplitude, you are doubling your equivalent body weight, and that is without any additional weight!


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Powerplate can be used intelligently to create mobility through lines of tissue. We know that static stretching isn't the best way to increase mobility, and that better changes occur when there is a small subtle movement along a line of tissue. With the Powerplate we can set up a stretch, and then load the stretch in 3 dimensions. By loading the line of tissue in 3D, we are increasing its ability to absorb force, meaning we get a longer lasting change in flexibility.

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We use Powerplate in training sessions to increase recovery, kick start the lymphatic system, boost circulation and hydrate fascial tissue. It really is a miracle worker, and we have seen swollen and inflamed tissue reduced before our eyes in one session with vibration training. Our members love laying on the Powerplate during and after sessions for a ‘flush’ because it feels so good and helps the body rapidly recover. We have 2 vibration platforms in our facility.

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Vibration Training Prices

Due to the high volume of work conducted in a shorter time period, and the increased neurological activity all powerplate sessions are capped at 30 minutes. All of our sessions are run as personal training sessions. Rest assured you won't be put on the powerplate to follow a generic program, all sessions are catered to your individual  needs.



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'I love my Vibration sessions! I find the pack of 5 powerplate sessions great value. Since using the powerplate my balance has improved and the swelling in my legs has decreased. It's a great tool for people like me who don't get to move enough through their day. I'm always amazed at how light and free I feel after my session.'

- Kerri

'The power plate was awesome! The vibration and the different intensity/speed was a great pain reliever. I have struggled with knee and shoulder pain and after each session on the power plate I would come home felling no pain for up to an hour. I specifically remember this feeling after the very first session. Thank you for helping me with the different techniques to relax muscles and ease  the pain.'

- Ifie

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