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Implementing The Healing Power Of Essential Oils 

We have been using and loving essential oils since 2012 every single day at home, and at our studio In2great Fitness & Wellness. We love that you are interested in learning more about how and why to implement essential oils into your daily life.

Essential oils (EO’s) are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. You will have experienced these plant compounds already through the taste and aroma of food, or the smell fresh herbs, or simply walking through a eucalyptus forest, past a lavender bush, or maybe they are already in your cleaning or personal care products. Essential oils can lift the mood, calm the senses, and elicit powerful emotional responses. Many people think that essential oils are purely a lovely scent, but the use of essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal.

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be used for cooking, cleaning, natural odor reduction, as perfumes or as skin, hair, and other beauty products. EO's can also be used for medicinal purposes, for assisting cellular health, improving gut health and digestive problems, for skin conditions, mood and hormone disruptions, stress management, blood sugar regulation and more. Using EO's is non invasive, and enjoyable and the best part about applying an essential oil is that it creates focus and presence, and empowers you to nurture your health.

Why You Should Consider Adding Essential Oils To Your Daily Life?

  • Cheap, non-invasive, and rewarding to use.

  • Lead a less toxic life

  • Natural cleaning products

  • Natural beauty, hair & skin care

  • Naturally support mood

  • Help balance hormones

  • Improve immune function

  • Natural flavour enhancers

  • Multiple applications.

  • Potent. 28 cups of peppermint tea = 1 drop EO

  • Empowered health!

Getting Started With Essential Oils!

Essential oils a provide a diverse range of benefits, and any one oil can be used for multiple applications. it is easy to include them in your everyday routine with even a basic understanding of how essential oils work. It’s best to start with just a few oils, and to experiment with what works for you. Alternatively, if you have an intended purpose or health condition, look at what oils will help support you (check out the eBook for assistance.)


Many essential oil companies operate as multi-level marketing companies, and almost all of them seem to offer loyalty or reward points. If you intend on using many essential oils, it’s worth signing up as an advocate to get a discount on the retail prices. Alternatively, you can purchase retails prices from top brands at some health food shops, from us, or online. For example, Doterra 15ml Lavender retail cost is $37.33 and wholesale is $28. Young living 15ml lavender retails for $51.65, but wholesale is $39.25. For these MLM companies, you usually have to ‘enrol’ as an advocate and either an enrolment kit or pay a small fee which includes an oil (approx. $30 to get wholesale rights.) We have used both of these brands in the past, but now stick with mostly Doterra.

If you are planning to order wholesale (25% off retail prices), you'll either need to pay a $30 fee to gain access for a year, or you can sign up with an 'enrollment kit' so that the introductory fee is waived. The below kits are great introductory kits that provide you with a wonderful collection of the most versatile oils. Doterra also offer incentives like 'free product of the month' if you order over a certain value, and loyalty rewards orders which often mean you get a free product every month depending on how much you spend! There is no minimum spend required, and you end up earning 10-30% of your purchases back in points.

How To Order Oils

If you are not keen on the idea of signing up, you can purchase oils at retail prices here, or order through us. We charge cost price plus GST, to save you the trouble of ordering yourself, and you can pick up and pay in store. We stock a few basic products like the Ice Blue Soothing Rub (natural alternative to deep heat) and the Peppermint beadlets breath mints. You can order online retail prices here, or email us here to jump into our monthly order, make sure to contact us before the 1st of the month to tell us what products you want.

If you want to take advantage of the wholesale pricing (25% off with rewards), click here to enroll as a wellness advocate. The above enrollment kits are a great starting place, and will qualify you for the free product of the month as well!

Download our Free Essential Oil Basics eBook for more information about getting started, safety, best practice and key uses.

If you need help extra help with how to order, what oils are best, or anything else contact us below!

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