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Kids Fitness


Our goal is to help children move more efficiently towards a healthier lifestyle, that will help them cope with the stresses of school, growing up, and competitive sport. We offer private and small group sessions, and run school holiday programs throughout the year, to help create a structured routine for children who are looking to reduce injury, improve wellness, reduce stress, develop healthy habits, and just have some fun!


30min Private Sessions (1:1)

We have many kids from 8yrs - 17yrs who train privately to help prepare their bodies for a specific sport, such as football or netball. The sessions can help with improving posture, reducing injury, building self confidence, enhancing performance and of course wellness. These private sessions allow your children to learn basic body weight movements, and weights safely, in a way that is enjoyable.

30min Small Group Sessions (2-4 kids)
Our small group sessions are often organsied with siblings and / or friends, to create a friendly and safe environment for kids to  develop new motor skills, foster teamwork, improve concentration, and provide opportunities to develop social skills.


What to expect?
Whether your kids are training for a sport, or playing with friends at the park, and moving through daily life, it's essential that every child to knows how to use their body without causing injury. Your kids will experience fitness based games that will help improve their balance, agility, mobility, strength, and will have plenty of fun in the process! We'll be using tools such as the Sandbells, ball games, agility drills, balloons, ViPR, and power plate Vibration for recovery. We help kids to learn that fitness and movement are fun, rewarding, and an important aspect of good health!


There are so many benefits for kids fitness! 

  • Improving posture and injury prevention

  • Assisting with the development of gross motor and fine motor skills

  • Providing the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills

  • Helping to establish connections between different parts of the brain

  • Improving concentration and thinking skills

  • Improving confidence and self-esteem

  • Relieving stress and promoting relaxation

  • Providing opportunities to develop social skills and make friends

  • Improving sleep and recovery

  • Foster teamwork and positive attitude

  • Learn basic body weight movements, and how to handle weights safely

1:1 Kids Fitness Prices



Group session prices are dependent on the number of children attending the session.



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“Nathan, I am having fun training with you. I love our games and I look forward to my session with you every Monday. Monday is my favourite day because I know I will be having fun with you after school. Thank you for always letting me beat you. You are my favourite personal trainer in the world”

- Lachlan

“I started training with Nathan and P in December 2016. My little boy, Lachlan has been training with Nathan since 2017. Lachlan has hemiplegia cerebral palsy on the right side and he needs training to strengthen his right side. I love watching Lachlan’s interaction with Nathan. They are having so much fun together. It is great to have someone like Nathan who understands Lachlan’s PT needs and makes it fun for him. Thank you for making my little boy feels like he is the fastest runner in the world."

- Jen

'I like training with Nathan, he's really fun and nice.  I'm always having fun and I'm getting stronger.  I started to do it so I wouldn't fall over at soccer and now when people push me I'm not falling over.  He always has an activity for us to do when we have an injury so we are still moving.  it's like a game not like exercise at all."

- Liv

"I like moving my body and Nathan is really good at getting me to the peak point with out feeling like you are doing too much.  I've seen lots of changes in my body, mainly my stamina and strength.  I would recommend him for sure."

- Will

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