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Daily Readiness To Train

We use a daily readiness scale to track stress for clients on any given day, to determine how their workout that day should look. Daily readiness to train is very closely aligned with Heart Rate Variability HRV. The ability to approximate HRV on clients is infinitely helpful in helping them achieve greater benefits from their fitness program.


Your Daily Readiness score provides valuable insight into physical, mental/emotional and lifestyle stresses. There are no hard and fast rules for training intensity anymore and your best bet is to honour how you feel, and track your heart rate intensity and recovery, through workouts. Training too hard, will cause a lack of results and increase the stress and inflammation burden on your system. We find that clients get the best results when they honor stress levels and train accordingly. Pushing through when the system isn’t able to cope, results in increased stress and inflammation in the body, taking you further away from your goals.

Developed by PTA Global, this readiness scale gives you an honest and solid indication of how hard you should be training today! Simply answer the questions honestly, and tally up your score. Once you know your readiness score, you simply make tweaks to your workout to increase results. The best way to increase your readiness score (and boost overall wellness) is to do all of the questions as best as you can. If recovery is lacking in your life, then make your training session one that focuses on nourishing movement, hydration and drills that make you feel great. If there is pain in the system, then employ strategies throughout your session to reduce pain and move more effectively. And if stress and emotions are running hot, then reduce stress in your session with healthy movement, play and recovery.


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