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Structural Bodywork Sessions


Structural Bodywork is a specialised manual therapy approach that helps you create space in your body for ultimate wellness, function, posture and longevity. Derived from the work of Dr Ida Rolf, structural bodywork uniquely focuses on the connective tissue system (fascial network), which encases, penetrates, binds, and connects all organs, muscles, bones and nerves.


As your structural bodyworkers, together we will enhance the soft tissue, fascial relationships of your body with manual therapy manipulation and movement. The work addresses chronic or long term holding patterns, by helping to balance and reorganise the fascial web and help your body find greater postural ease, energy, mobility and resilience. As students of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, we proudly offer structural bodywork as a 3 session series to address your unique posture with an integrative strategy that balances you from head to toe.

Structural Bodywork Benefits:

  • Enhanced proprioception (sense and connection) of your body

  • Improved overall wellness and longevity

  • Increased range of motion

  • Reduced chance of injury

  • More energy, reduced stress, better sleep and greater overall health

  • Restored natural alignment, length and ease

  • Length and balance in your body


What To Expect?

Each 90 minute session involves thorough body reading and dynamic movement assessments to determine which areas of the body are holding tension, and creating compensations. Photos are taken in your underwear, shorts or bathers to capture your static posture, and the changes that occur after the bodywork. During the treatment, active movement and attention is required from the participant, while the practitioner releases fascial adhesions.

The 3 series

The series is provided in a structured format that begins at the feet, to create solid foundations, through the pelvis, ribs and arms, and works all the way up to the head, neck and jaw. Each 90 minute session involves body reading your postural relationships, functional movement assessments to check function, and identify restricted areas. A plan is then created to give you support where you most need it, before your session begins.

  • Session 1: Balances the lower body by enhancing soft tissue relationships between the feet and pelvis. Session 1 provides a strong postural foundation for the entire body, addressing foot function, knee alignment, and pelvic position.

  • Session 2: Addresses upper body postural issues by enhancing pelvic, diaphragm, rib and shoulder alignment, opening the breath, and easing upper body tension and posture.

  • Session 3: A intensive session to improve space and alignment of the segments of the spine, and it’s surrounding soft tissue support.


The 3 Series is perfect for:

  • Addressing long term chronic pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility

  • A more complete approach that addresses the root cause of your issues rather than treating symptoms

  • Postural issues and compensations

  • Fatigue and lack of wellness

  • Performance enhancement

  • Injury prevention and recovery



Structural Bodywork Prices

We offer each 90 minute session for $120, or a 3 series of bodywork (3 x 90 minute sessions) for $300. We also run single casual hour sessions for $100.


If you are undertaking a 3 series, it is recommended to do the series weekly, or fortnightly.

Both Priscilla and Nathan have undertaken 168 credited hours of bodywork training with Anatomy Trains Australia.



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