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6 Week EASY Nutrition Upgrade

Small changes can have a bigger impact than you imagine!

Most people find the idea of a nutrition upgrade or 'diet' overwhelming, and don't know where or how to start. While huge changes can induce dramatic increases in health and body composition goals, many people underestimate the significant impact of smaller, consistent changes.

Instead of a complete nutrition overhaul, we decided to create an EASY 6 week program that focuses on ADDING beneficial foods or habits to your routine, so that you can upgrade your health one step at a time. We won't ask you to give up anything, but rather, ADD more healthful options to your meals.

Each Saturday you will be emailed your weekly upgrade so that you can prepare over the weekend, and start on the Monday. All upgrades include  evidence based approaches to enhancing long term health. One step at a time, we promise it will be highly achievable.


The idea is to increase habits gradually over 6 weeks, and ideally keep going for life! The best part is, as you accumulate new healthy upgrades, your motivation will increase, and you'll often feel driven to do even more.


The program begins whenever you are ready, simply fill in your email details below, and click on the link to pay. From there each Saturday you'll be sent an email to prepare for the week ahead! Build healthy and sustainable nutrition habits for life, one step at a time!


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