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Outdoor Group Training Peregian Springs

Oakmount Court Park (corner of Balgownie Drive and Oakmount court)

Saturdays 8:00am 

First Session FREE

Small Group Training is a fun and social way to sweat and challenge your body. Our sessions cater for all fitness levels in an enjoyable, and supportive atmosphere. Our clients leave our sessions smiling, sweaty and feeling energized for everyday life! Whether you want to reduce pain, challenge your brain, get stronger, lose weight, or just sweat and have fun, we can help you!

Our sessions are designed to get you moving efficiently towards a healthier body and mind. We use integrated, full body movements that will improve your strength and mobility, and leave you feeling great! Each class is different, and customised to those in attendance so that you get maximum enjoyment and challenge from your session. Small group training enables you to get personalised attention from our experienced coaches, in a great value setting.

You'll experience a range of varied equipment and drills, all totally scaleable to how you are feeling on the day, how you move, and how hard you want to work. You can expect to use equipment like TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells, ViPR's and more! 

The 45 minute session consists of 5-10 minutes of movement preparation drills, 35 minutes of circuit style goal based movement, honouring heart rate feedback as we go, and then approximately 5 minutes of recovery work to end the session. 

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It’s not uncommon for us to have a diverse range of ages and abilities in each class. We commonly manage participants from age 18-72! No one is left out, pushed too hard, or not challenged enough, because we are experts at adapting moves for each person to either progress, or regress. This means that all ages and abilities can work together in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

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You won’t get lost in the crowd training with us. There are only two of us, so we know every single member’s history, preferences, recovery and training trends etc. This enables us to further customize your workouts to challenge you, and out train compensations or injuries.

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Many of our classes focus on allowing participants to have the ability to ‘play’ which is integral for optimised health. We make fitness fun in our varied group sessions, by using interactive games and drills to challenge your body and brain, and help you to mitigate stress. Our members are always shocked, at just how hard, and enjoyable games and play can be.

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Every single one of our classes includes fascial fitness drills so that you can maximize mobility and strength by releasing stuck tissue in your body. There is never any down time in our classes, as every recovery is aimed to enhance and prepare your body for the next set. We use foam rollers, trigger point balls, and vibration therapy to keep our group classes moving well, and recovering like champions, without stiffness or pain. READ MORE

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With the heart rate zone training you get real time feedback as to whether you are hitting your optimal heart rate zone to get results. Live feedback enables us to see whether you need to push harder, or recover more, so that you get results, every single session! Heart Rate training is highly enjoyable as it allows you to watch how well you are adapting to your workout. After each class we send you a heart rate chart from your session so that you can track your progress. Heart Rate monitors to borrow are limited, or you can buy your own. READ MORE

Group Training Packages
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'Fantastic group of trainers catering to individual needs and levels in stimulating small group classes as well as one-on-one training. It's run by two passionate movement experts who are constantly evolving and creating new moves to make the classes challenging and fun. And it's not just about fitness, it's a holistical approach that focuses on client wellness as well. It's light years ahead of most gyms!  Love the small classes which enables flexibility to deal with individual goals while enjoying interacting with others, making 45 minutes of exercise pass easily, and usually with a few laughs, no tears! I like the fact that age and fitness levels don’t matter, and everyone is able to join in at whatever strength or pace they want.' - Jayne

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