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What type of class suits you best?


A full body, high intensity interval workout suitable for all levels to increase your metabolic response, improve strength, body composition, mobility, and provide plenty of variety. This 45min class uses innovative tools, challenging drills, and movement enhancement strategies. We track your heart rate zone live to see how you are responding to the workout, and ensure you achieve peaks and recoveries for optimal hormone response.


Unique ViPR loaded movements will challenge your whole system to increase efficiency, strength, coordination and provide a supreme metabolic response. ViPR provides athletic flowing, variable and nourishing movements that help build every day strength and mobility. This popular class helps increase wellness, reduce injury and fatigue, and complements any traditional weight program.



 A 30 min full body workout emphasising ‘all core, all the time’ using the TRX suspension & Rip trainer. TRX builds lean muscle, bodyweight strength and mobility and is totally adjustable to all levels of fitness.


 No situps or crunches here, just safe and effective full body moves to tone, strengthen and challenge your core in a variety of positions that translate to better posture, everyday strength, and mobility. 30 min class.


30 Minutes focused on reducing pain, gaining flexibility and enhancing wellness using fascial release, nourishing movement and Powerplate whole body vibration. Get out of pain, feel good and boost recovery.


An advanced 45 min class that uses traditional movement patterns like squats, chin ups, dead lifts and equipment such as TRX, Torsonator and dumbbells etc with repeated lifts and sets.


This advanced 45 min class builds strength, coordination, power and enhances body composition. This high intensity class will challenge your whole body and help you get strong fast!

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