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We currently work out of the In2great Fitness Studio that we created back in 2012, but no longer own. The studio has three levels of training space and is spacious with lots of room to MOVE. The studio is versatile and adjustable, with the latest in fitness equipment. Training on our lush grass surface will stimulate your feet and make you want to move and play.


The grass in our studio lends itself naturally to barefoot training and is fantastic for providing stimulation and upregulation of the tissues in your feet. Barefoot training is important for healthy foot function, and is a prerequisite to a strong and pain free body. Ditching shoes mobilised and strengthens the foot to become more effective at sharing load up the body. Barefoot training allows us to see how efficiently your foot is shock absorbing, so we can implement fascial techniques or movement that will enhance foot function.

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Vibration training a pleasant way to get rapid gains in strength, and instant gains in mobility. We use 3 different styles of vibration training tools achieve the following proven benefits:

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  • Rapid strength gains

  • Increased muscle contraction

  • Weight loss & decreased cellulite

  • Reduction of inflammation

  • Bone density increases

  • Enhanced digestion

  • improved circulation & lymphatics

  • Reduction in pain & Faster recovery


ViPR bridges the gap between movement training and strength training. ViPR allows you to train your whole body in all planes of motion, to help you become stronger, leaner and more flexible. There are infinite exercises that a ViPR can help you perform. ViPR also has a distinctive ability to help develop coordination, and enhance executive brain function. ViPR uses the four pillars of human movement: gravity-into-ground loading, stretch-to-shorten, multi-directional movement, and using the entire body for movement. As a result, training with ViPR has a direct transfer for LIFE.

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The TRX Rip Trainer uses an elastic resistance cord to help train for explosive strength, flexibility and endurance through a constantly varying and unbalanced load. The Rip Trainer is fantastic for 3D full body training and creates a unique warding effect by stimulating body wide tension against the external rotational force. Rip Trainer is a valuable tool for training athletes and martial artists.

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The TRX suspension trainer is a body weight training tool that can be used by anyone and anywhere! TRX’s slogan is “All core, all the time.” TRX will help you to improve functional everyday strength, flexibility, balance and most importantly core stability to prepare us for our everyday activities. Suspension training strengthens the body as a unit, and will take your training (especially your core!) to a new level! The best feature of the TRX is the ability to regress, or progress any exercise, simply by changing the angle the movement is applied.

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This innovative fitness tool challenges your entire system with a changing load. The constant shifting of the sand inside the tool makes Sandbell training variable and enjoyable, and a winner for core strength. Using the Sandbell will improve hand and grip strength, which will directly improve shoulder stability. The versatility of Sandbell means it can be thrown around without danger of injury, making it a top-notch tool for play, athlete development, and overall fitness and efficiency. Grip it, toss it, swing it or slam it!

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Heading 6

'Training at In2great wellness is not only rewarding physically but is also energizing and a lot of fun.  The classes are innovative and always challenging no matter what fitness level you are.  Nathan and Priscilla are incredibly dedicated to their profession and knowledgeable in so many aspects of health and fitness.  They are always there to offer advice and support and will adapt your training session to suit your needs (eg. if you are injured or sore etc).  We love the atmosphere of the small and friendly group circuit classes and can’t believe how fast the sessions go.  We would highly recommend In2great wellness for people of all fitness levels looking for a new and effective way to train or get fit under the guidance of two very passionate and caring trainers.' - Rob & Mel

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