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Healthy Snack Ideas On The Go!

If you are struggling for healthy, crap free treats on the go, check out these! So many people ask us for healthy options, and while a wholesome plate of veggies, salad and quality meat is always best, it's not always possible on the run! These high protein, high fat snacks, can help you stay full and avoid eating rubbish. 


Primal Kitchen Collagen Nut Bars

We love these ready to go nut bars which take a bit of work to chew, and have no sugar. These bars Available in cashew, macadamia, almond or hazelnut flavors and have 15g of protein. All bars are gluten, dairy and soy free and flavoured naturally with honey and monk fruit, 3g per bar, less than 1 tablesoon. Macadamia is our favourite. Best to buy from iherb here, which is around $15 cheaper than most retail places

Dr Mercola Mitomix Keto Bars

Great quality, high fat, high fiber, tasty chocolate bars packet with mitochondria boosting ingredients. These ketogenic bars will help you hit your sweet spot, stay fuller for longer, increase your mitochondrial (cellular) function, and support gut health.  Grab them cheap on iherb here for around $45 for 12!

Sea Snax Roasted Seaweed

These sheets of seaweed may not look appetizing, but they are a delicious snack we love. They are a little messy to eat, so we recommend cutting the sheets up into smaller pieces to store and grab on the go. It's a tasty savory snack that satisfies salty cravings nicely. Made from Organic seaweed, organic extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. Best place to buy them is on iherb here

Epic Bars or Bites

Epic jerky style bites or bars are jerky style treats made from quality meat sources. All are gluten and dairy free. Our favs are the Epic Smoked Salmon (made from wild caught salmon!) and Venison Steak. Best to buy here

Bulletproof Dark Chocolate Bars

These dark chocolate fuel bars are a staple in our diet. The bar is gluten, dairy and sugar free, and great quality dark chocolate. A nice high fat snack on the run, full of wonderful antioxidants and with GMO free xylitol. We easily smash one of these a day! Buy in Melbourne from Perfect Pantry Elsternwick, or online here

Caveman Primal Paleo Bars

A nice paleo style meat bar with high protein content, gluten, dairy and soy free. Best to buy it cheap here on iherb

Collagen Protein Bars

Words cannot express how addicted we are to these high fat, high protein DELICIOUS bars. Most snack bars are filled with filthy preservatives and thickeners. This one only has high quality ingredients, and is our go to snack between sessions, on hikes and whenever we feel like a 'treat'. It contains vanilla, grass fed collagen, cashew butter, brain octane , sea salt and stevia. Best place to buy it is Perfect Pantry in Elsternick, or Prahran Convenience store (much cheaper than online) or online via Optimoz here

Go Raw Bars

These fruit based, sweet bars are organic, and made from sprouted seeds and raw ingredients. They are on the sweet side, but are gluten, nut, grain and soy free and available in a few different flavors. Available cheaply on iherb

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