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What does it REALLY take to get results?

Gradually we are breaking the old fitness belief systems and more people are starting to come around to the idea that less really does equal more, and see that food quality is EVERYTHING.

We made this quick pyramid to reflect the old belief system in the top. It was thought that the more exercise you did the better, and it meant you could 'earn' or 'burn off' your food, so that food quality wasn't necessarily priority. And recovery as part of a training program just mean sleeping at night haha.

What we now know to be true (and we see this every single day as trainers!) is that for people to make positive changes in their body composition, wellness, reduce pain, and feel good, they often need less intensity in their training.

We know that quality nutrition and hydration matter move than anything else, followed closely by getting adequate recovery. In addition to these 2 crucial components, we need smart movement that factors in a persons daily readiness to train, and trains them based on what they need any given day. Smart movement means moving for health EVERY SINGLE DAY, and on days that you feel good, pushing the intensity up and monitoring recovery.

This stuff is common sense, and it really works. Honour your bodies primal needs like quality food, hydration, movement and recovery and you WILL get great results!


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