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Are you being too repetitive?

Are you performing daily single sided, repetitive moves that are creating dysfunction in your body?

This is an example of a repetitive movement that we find ourselves doing 1-2 x a day, every day. It's a hard one to undo as throwing with the other arm is nowhere near as efficient.

Many of us are dominant with certain activities. We hold phones or brush teeth with one hand, drive with one foot, or play repetitive sports with movements like this picture.

If we know repetition isn't great for the tissues of the body, or the brain, then what can we do to avoid reinforcing a dominant rotation in the body? The more you do to become efficient with all directions, and parts of your body, the healthier you will be.

It's worth thinking about what you can change in your daily routine to spice up the loading of the tissues in your body. It's not only good for your fascia, but it is good for coordination and exceptional for your brain.

Here are some ideas to try:

  • clean your teeth with your opposite hand

  • notice if you favour one leg when standing and change it

  • throw a ball with your non dominant hand (if will feel like gumby, you need to do more of this!)

  • open doors with your non dominant hand

  • check if you sit on one side of your butt more than the other, or always cross one leg over the other.

The more variety you can add, they more resilient you will be to whatever life throws at you.


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