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Fascial Fitness

Fascia or connective tissue gets laid down in the line of stress (Davis’s Law.) The tighter we allow ourselves to get, the thicker and denser the fascia becomes in the areas of stress.

When fascia is dehydrated and static, it gets gluey which is a big problem for the body. So if the fascia around the shoulder starts to get gluey like in this picture, it may cause problems elsewhere.

Why is that bad? Tension relationships that are pulling other parts of the body around, begin to approximate joints closer together, which causes pain.

Additionally if you try to move one segment but another is glued to it, then you become less efficient because you now have to pull both? It's hard work and takes more energy. As movement becomes more restricted, the tissue moves less, and compensation and pain often results. Failing to address fascial tightness or imbalances will result in injuries, pain, stiffness, restriction and rhythm of movement.

To avoid being 'glued up' we need to have good nutrition and hydration, we need to move with our WHOLE body at varying speeds, loads and with varying forces so we can help train our body to spread forces over the whole system, not just ONE muscle!

Laying down dynamic, strong fascia will mean you move with greater efficiency because everything works TOGETHER the way it was designed!


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