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Skin training and wrinkle prevention

The skin is the biggest organ in the body and gives us so much stimulation and information from the world around us. Want radiant, resilient and healthy skin? Then move it!

Look at the texture of the skin in the picture. It looks like it can move and stretch in multiple directions, a mesh covering ready to absorb, protect, react and move. So what is the best way to train your skin? With whole body training that works to load your system with varying angles, varying speeds and varying loads.

If your skin can adjust to cope well with all of these then it will LOOK hydrated and fluid in appearance. It will FEEL smooth and elastic instead of stuck, rigid as the collagen hardens and thickens or even worse saggy because it has lost it's elastin and the ability to expand and contract.

Think of wrinkles in the skin. They are formed from REPETITIVE movements or fascial expressions. When we get a facial the skin looks amazing, not from the products the therapist used, but from the continual massage and touch which draws blood flow and circulation to the face to help 'puff up' dehydrated skin and fascia. The skin is massaged and squeezed in all angles, and so fluid is drawn into the tissue like a sponge,

Cellulite indicates an unhealthy relationship with the skin and it’s underlying tissue. Bumpy, dehydrated and static fascia is much more likely to cause cellulite than smooth, dynamically laid and hydrated fascia. So if you want smooth skin tone - Get on the fascial release bandwagon and move that tissue and stimulate your skin!

Best things you can do for your skin: - Have great nutrition: Lot's of good fats, protein and water (3 liters a day!) Include lot's of quality collagen from grass fed animal products and bone broth because that is the very stuff that your skin is made of! - move and train your body as a whole so that the entire workout is stretching and contracting your body and skin as a unit with varying angles, speeds and loads. - massage the skin. get it moving in ALL directions - use vibration training, massage, foam rolling, skin brushing and touch - sweat to help your skin detoxify - work on having great gut health. Poor gut health will give you a ruddy, red appearance to your skin with more likelihood of itchy skin with rashes.


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