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Vibration Training is no gimmick

Many people are shocked when they read 'vibration training' in our services. Powerplate Vibration training has been around for 15 years and is certainly no gimmick. In fact Powerplate is a certified medical device. After opening our studio with just one powerplate, we HAD to get another a few weeks later as the results were so impressive, and our clients were loving it.

Acceleration training is an advanced way to increase the force put into the body for training purposes. Vibration training can achieve a high volume of work and force, in such a short time. To understand how acceleration training works, we need to take note of Newtons Second Law:

Force = Mass x Acceleration.

Recognising this equation, you can increase the FORCE applied to the body, by increasing the MASS (traditional weight lifting) or by increasing the speed of movement which is how the Powerplate works. Powerplate allows you to put 25-50 hertz through your body, which is the equivalent of 25-50 vibrations or muscle contractions, per second.

The Powerplate vibrates in 3 dimensions very quickly, over very small distances so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. As the Powerplate vibrates up and down, it increases your gravitational pull or relative G-Force. In this way we can apply up to 8 G-Force, or 8 X body weight to your system, just by training on the Powerplate platform.

When you train on top of a Power Plate, every muscle in your body is reacting, adapting and making micro adjustments every second. This results in greater work being performed, in less time than traditional workouts. For example even using the lowest settings of 30 hertz, at a low amplitude (how far the plate moves per cycle) for 60 seconds, you are experiencing roughly 1800 muscle contractions in ONE MINUTE! Even with a low setting like 35 hz, with low amplitude, you are doubling your equivalent body weight, and that is without any additional weight!

The huge amounts of force that can be put through the body in a relatively stationary position, mean that it is fantastic tool for increasing bone density and muscle strength in those seeking rehabilitation, or suffering compromised movement.

The strength aspects of vibration training are not the only benefits of this fantastic tool. We use Powerplate in training sessions to increase recovery, kick start the lymphatic system, boost circulation and hydrate fascial tissue. It really is a miracle worker, and we have seen swollen and inflamed tissue reduced before our eyes in one session with vibration training. Our members love laying on the Powerplate during and after sessions for a ‘flush’ because it feels so good and really helps the body recover.

In addition the powerplate can be used intelligently to create mobility through lines of tissue. Think of a static stretch held in tension (traditional stretching.) We know that static stretching isn't the best way to increase mobility, and teat better changes occur when there is a small subtle movement. With the Powerplate we can set up a stretch, and then LOAD that stretch in 3 dimensions, meaning we get a longer lasting change.

Key Benefits: • increased hydration of gluey, stuck tissue • enhanced lymphatic drainage • reduction of swelling • enhanced digestion • increased blood flow into tissue that is ischemic • reduction in pain • increased muscle strength • weight loss • decreased cellulite • faster recovery

Powerplate simply must be experinced to understand just how good this tool is! It feels great, and provides both instant and lasting change.


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