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Eat quality fats to lose fat!

The fear many have around eating Saturated Fats is still high! Fat became a 4 letter word back in the 1960's when a researcher Ancel Keys (pictured above on the cover of Time magazine) told the world that saturated fat caused heart disease and made us fat. Good old Ancel's recommendations and 'research' was used to make Government dietary guidelines and the food pyramid of the 1980's. It's been revealed since that Ancel's research was flawed. In fact he selected data that supported his hypothesis, and omitted data that showed the opposite.

We now know that eating fat doesn’t cause disease. Many of the studies that reported eating saturated fat increased disease or obesity looked at eating fat, with a standard American diet (high sugar and carb) or used poor quality and damages sources of fats. One of the only dangers of eating high fat content is that it will increase blood serum cholesterol in diets also high in carbohydrates. Saturated fat alone is good. Saturated fat with sugar is bad.

Despite all the evidence that eating fats are important, initially it’s tough trying to convince people to eat fat. Within just days, the feedback from clients is incredible. Better energy, better sleep, less hunger, reduced cravings, happier digestion, flatter stomach and improved mood etc.

Your body NEEDS healthy fats for optimal function. Your brain is the fattest organ in your body, made of 60% fat, every single cell in your body has a lipid fat layer and nerves are coated in a fatty myelin sheath. If you aren't eating good quality saturated fats, or are eating oxidised damaged fats, how well do you think your brain, cells and nervous system are doing? A diet low in fat could be making you tired and wired, sick or fat and creating metabolic chaos.

A diet full of the right fats will give you energy, cut cravings, heal your body, and make you smarter! Calories from fat have the least impact on blood sugar levels and insulin. By eating more good quality fat you feel fuller for longer, and be able to get off the high/low blood sugar roller coaster, thus freeing you from cravings.

It's time to stop fearing fat, and fatten up your plate, to thin out your waistline!


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