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Get More Energy From Your Water

Water is a vital force of life that we cannot survive without. We all know that hydration is imperative to wellness, but not many of us think about the quality of our water, or how it is used in our body. We drink water, swim in it, cook with it, and wash in it, but many of us haven’t heard of the fourth phase of water.

Water can be liquid, steam vapor or frozen, but in the last few decades the University of Washington identified another form of water has been identified which is more of a gel like substance that has been called structured, crystalline or EZ water. EZ stands for Exclusion zone. This 4th phase of water has immense applications for health.

EZ water is found throughout nature. In our body it’s inside our cells, our extracellular matrix and our connective tissue. EZ water is a form of ordered or structured water. Our cells are two-thirds water, and when that water is EZ water, cells operate more efficiently.

‘It is more viscous, dense and alkaline than H2O and has relatively more oxygen since it’s formula is H3O2. As a result it has a negative charge, and like a battery it can hold energy as well as deliver energy when needed.’ - Gerald Pollack


Negative Charge

EZ water in cells is negatively charged enabling them to communicate more efficiently. The more negative charge we hold in our bodies, the less oxidative stress we will suffer. Oxidative stress is like a form of rust throughout our cells, and it hastens the process of aging, inflammation and disease. Oxidation occurs when cells lose their negative charge. Each day our body attempts to maintain a negative charge by excreting positively charged sweat, urine, fecal matter and breath.

'When you don’t have enough EZ water you become dehydrated and stop functioning well. Your body’s lymphatic flow (which includes toxins and waste products) also becomes inhibited, leading to chronic inflammation. Your mitochondria need EZ water. In fact they cannot function with at least some of it. ' Dave Asprey - Headstrong

Gerard Pollack has shown that light enhanced the flow of water through a narrow tube which has implications for circulation. This is part of the reason why we feel good after a sauna, or sunbathing, as the radiant heat builds EZ water in our cells, which helps increases the flow of blood, lymph decreasing inflammation.


EZ Water is Naturally Filtered

EZ water is naturally cleaner water because it excludes particles in the water the same way ice does. Pollack says that collecting EZ water is solute-free and bacteria-free water. So putting your water in the sun, becomes a natural and free filtration system for water that will then better energise your body.


Mitochondrial Health

When the water in our cells isn't EZ water, it becomes more viscous and sticky which makes it harder for mitcohondria to produce energy for us. The cell has a harder time communicating with it's neighbours, and the mitochondria in the cell must work harder to create more energy for us to use.

'If you are inflamed all of the time, your mitochondria make lots of free radicals. More free radicals creates more sticky water, which creates more free radicals and less efficient energy production'

- Dave Asprey, Headstrong


Light up Your Water

Radiant energy from the sun is absorbed into water to create structured water. Infrared light, UV light and even visible light can build EZ water, although near-infrared is the most efficient. So get outside in the sun and soak up some hot rays! Earthing (the process of soaking up negative charge from being barefoot on the earth) also helps us build more EZ water in our cells, by balancing our bodies charge.


Create EZ water with Movement & Vibration

Moving creates both heat and friction, both of which increase EZ water production. Move in the sun for even more benefits! Essentially shaking up the cell membrane with movement creates EZ water, so movements like jumping, skipping, bouncing, induce more EZ water. The fastest way to shake up your cells is with vibration training, which explains why everyone loves vibration training so much!

'All cell membranes are made up of small droplets of fat suspended in water. When these tiny drops of fat are flexed and shaken, it creates a piezoelectric effect, which allows materials to generate an electric charge in response to stress. This electric effect creates EZ water in your cells and allows them to do their jobs more efficiently.' Dave Asprey - Headstrong


Drink EZ Water

Drinking EZ water hydrates tissues better than unbound water. Running mountain water has higher EZ content which is why it’s often called living or 'live' water. Pollacks studies have shown that ‘water does not convert directly to ice, it converts to EZ, which then converts to ice.’ The same process occurs in revers so that fresh ice melt water has increased EZ content. So pop your water outside to soak up the sun, drink freshly melted water, or seek out fresh mountain water like we do!

All of this may sound strange and technical, but creating EZ water is as simple as moving, getting outside barefoot, being in the sun and drinking fresh water! Sounds pretty good to us :)


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