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Play for stress reduction

Did you know one of the best ways to turn off your fight/flight stress response is to play?

Play creates an instantaneous relaxation of your body and mind, and allows you to forget the stresses of your day. We pride ourselves on running enjoyable classes that feature challenging games and fun drills that provide our clients with healthy opportunities to play, interact, learn and alleviate stress. Game based drills challenge us with subconscious, variable movements without us realising just how hard we are really working! Playing games is particularly useful for those of us who are highly stressed, in chronic pain, or suffering from mental illness like anxiety and depression. When playing a game or a sport, we are not thinking of where to place our foot, how good our posture is, or what muscles are turning on. When we play our movement is free flowing; and we are allowing our body to react, in all 3 planes of motion. As movement becomes less of a conscious process, it becomes more enjoyable. When was the last time you laughed and enjoyed your workout?


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