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Whether you are sick or hurt, it’s never just one thing

Often times when things hurt, we go hunting for the isolated incident, or moment that might have tweaked this area. If we wake up with a sore back , we will retrace our steps to figure out what we did the day before that made us sore. And often when we catch a cold, we try and pin point the sick person who infected us!

As human detectives, our brain is programmed to problem solve. And basic problem solving tends to favour seeking out just one culprit. Modern scientific research usually tests for just one variable, because testing systems of variables, and solutions is very hard to do.

As movement and wellness specialists, this tendency can sometimes be a little frustrating.

‘Last week I bent over and picked up a loaf of bread and hurt my back’

‘It must have been that overhead move we did the other week’ (and no it didn’t hurt at the time)

‘I think I got this cold from Fred because he was sick when I saw him’

There is never just one thing that leads to pain or illness.

Instead it’s usually a combination of variables that together create an outcome.

In other words, what is the chain of events that might have led to the end result. What is the history? For example maybe Paul was super stressed and hadn’t drunk enough water, and his connective tissue was dehydrated and lacking elasticity, when he rolled his ankle? Or maybe Jenni was eating poorly and emotionally run down after a heart wrenching breakup with her boyfriend before she caught Fred’s cold. Or perhaps Nathan was tired after a long day at work and decided to unwind with alcohol and sugar the night before he tore his hamstring.

We would go so far as to say that in some injuries where direct trauma isn’t a factor, the injury is the result of a series of factors that led up to that point like poor movement strategies, poor hydration and or nutrition, mental or emotional stress, sub optimal gut health, immune function and hormone imbalance.

And almost all disease and illness is the sum of your habits and lifestyle, and how that ultimately influences the expression of your genes (Epigenetics) rather than the result of luck.

We are the sum of our parts. And all of the parts work together within multiple systems that must operate collectively for ultimate success. Knowing that an end result is never just one thing, we are liberated to see that our many habits and choices will form the resilience of our system.

Health Promoting Activities that will decrease your incidence of becoming sick or injured;

  • A positive mindset

  • Optimal hydration (and intelligent movement with it!)

  • A non toxic environment

  • Nutritious food

  • Variable Movement Strategies

  • An active Lifestyle

  • Optimal Sleep & Recovery

Heath disrupting Activities that will increase your incidence of becoming sick or injured:

  • Dehydration

  • Chronic Stress

  • Sugar, grains, industrial seed oils, alcohol

  • Low quality food

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Poor sleep

  • A toxic environment

  • A negative mindset

If we perform more health promoting habits and choices, we are in the business of improved resilience or readiness for whatever life throws at us.


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