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Foam rolling, we mean dragging!

We don't roll anymore, and neither should you. If you want more global change, less pain, and better fascial health we recommend DRAGGING.

How do you do it? Apply the foam roller on any part of the tissue you want to change (best done around bony areas where you can affect multiple fascial lines - thanks OD!) and drag across the direction of the tissue, rather than rolling along up and down it.

With dragging you need less pressure, and the ability to tune in to how the tissue is stuck. I.e. If it's easy to drag one way, but not the other, then the tougher more glued up direction probably needs some gentle nudging pressure, to help hydrate it and elicit a change. You can also just move fairly quickly and superficially over the area to generate some friction and heat into the area to hydrate the tissue.

To help understand this point even better let’s use the analogy of a baking dough, and a rolling pin. If there is a big lump of flour that is sticky and not spreading evenly into the dough as you roll it, applying pressure and rolling won’t do much. Instead the area needs to be moved, massaged and guided in all different directions to help it move smoothly and evenly to blend well with the rest of the mixture.

Happy dragging!


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