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Not sore, not sorry!

I'm forever hearing the outdated phase 'better sore than sorry!' when it comes to fitness.

Why on earth is this message so dominant in the fitness world. It's not inspirational, it's moronic. Why the hell would anyone actively seek pain? Why is it better to be sore?

If you are actively seeking pain as a reward for your training efforts, you might need to think about why. Why are you wanting to hurt yourself? Is pain really a solution to what you are seeking in life?

Of course post workout we like feeling as though our bodies have been worked to some extent. The pleasurable feeling of boosted circulation, engorged and activated muscles is always nice.

Better sore than sorry! Pain = inflammation. Less pain = MORE gain. Not sore, not sorry

Hurting the next day and not being able to sit on a chair, or get a top over your head without pain isn't something I actively seek. When pain persists post workout, it's usually a sign that you trained TOO hard, had poor preparation or recovery and potentially poor gut health.

To avoid pain after a workout:

  • Avoid traditional overloading isolated moves that aim to smash just one area. Integration over isolation in movement is always a healthy choice. Always!

  • Enhance post workout circulation to the area by cooling down properly with whole body rhythmical movements that offer a variety of angles.

  • self massage, myofascial release, and of course our top pick is powerplate recovery that will help boost lymphatics flow to remove waste, hydrate tissue etc.

  • smart nutrition. Avoid alcohol, sugar, vegetable oils, preservatives, processed foods etc to avoid sprouting more inflammation in your body from the gut outwards. What happens in the gut doesn't stay in the gut!

Let's train smarter and think differently about pain! Less pain, more gain = winning!


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