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Powerplate Vibration for pelvic and visceral health

This position is deceiving – it looks simply like something nice and cushy, a feel good gimmick. In actual fact, this machine, and this position is a powerful healer for the body.

This is such a great tool for releasing tension in the delicate deep soft tissues in the front of our bodies. We rarely get our stomachs massaged, let alone the fascially rich areas of the pelvic floor, pubis and inner thigh. It's our soft under belly that we protect, and often hold in tight without releasing it. As a result these areas build up dehydrated fascial tension and waste which can makes us move poorly, suffer bad posture, cripple digestion, increase menstrual cramps, headaches etc.

When these areas don’t move as well as they should, they lose the important neurological feedback loop to the brain. Given that fascia is 9-10 x more proprioceptively rich (think sensory feedback) than muscle, and consists in very dense and intricate layers through our viscera region, it’s trouble if the brain can’t accurately sense what is happening in this area.

Powerplate in this position is great for hydrating areas like this which don't get enough movement, circulation and stimulation. This Powerplate position often leaves you taller, feeling lighter, flatter stomach, and possibly needing to go to the toilet due to the huge circulation increase. The Powerplate vibrates in 3 dimensions to create variable force through this tissue. We commonly use 50 Hertz, at low amplitude, which is a speed faster than the muscles can contract. As a result this speed is brilliant for lymphatic drainage, and fascial hydration. In other words it upregulates the nutrients in, and the waste out!

The rush of hydration, stimulus and circulation to the area means the nervous system feedback loop is enhanced. The stuck stress in the area is moved away resulting in less pull through the region, thus permitting an open posture, and better breathing depth and efficiency. The huge vibration through the digestive tract stimulates movement through the bowels to help move waste though.

The very best part of this simple movement is the circulation to your pubic region. No we are not being kinky! In many of us, the pubic region is lacking movement. This can be due to prolongued sitting, lack of nourishing movement, faulty chest breathing patterns, stress, or poor posture that overloads the pelvic floor. Whatever the reason, it’s helpful to introduce movement into the area in a non confronting way. Massage to the area (we are talking about therapeutic, professional massage) might create more pain and tension (because it’s awkward) than it’s worth. That’s where Powerplate comes in to provide subtle movement to the region.

Upon getting up from this position many people are itchy as the circulation is increased so much more than they are used to. People often report feeling ‘lighter’, having flatter stomachs and being able to breathe better.

We love it! If you are in our area, pop in to try it out for yourself!


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